Jane Means – Giftwrapped

What can I say about Jane Means - a tour de force, an entrepreneur, a girls girl? well she is all of these things and a whole-lot-more-besides.

I have been a fan of Jane for a number of years - following her wonderful and hugely successful journey - whether it be wrapping for Dior, working in the window at Liberty or creating something super special at Harrods - this is a lady in demand. With a little black book that reads like a guide to Kensington and Chelsea and with the Palace on speed dial - if Jane doesn't know you - well you know the saying. but never a more grounded, hands on, approachable business lady will you meet. A giver of time, advice and knowledge - I believe the key to her success is her warm and ever giving personality.

So imagine how excited I was when I heard about Giftwrapped - a DIY feast of luxurious paper and gift wrapping.

Maybe you need help on tips on an awkward gift? {football? Wine? Plant?} or maybe you want to make a simple box look the business - Giftwrapped guides you through with simple step-by-step instructions and tricks of the trade all in Jane's flamboyant but stylish signature style.

I especially loved all the trims - I live in the detail, so all of the ideas around ribbons, trims and embellishments I found super interesting - as well as the mood boards - such a great idea.

It's absolutely heavenly, beautiful pictures, great instructions and so much inspiration - my Christmas present wrapping theme was 100% inspired by Jane and I can't wait 'til Christmas Eve when my friends and family be more than a little Wow'ed!

Available to order in time for Christmas.

Big present wrapping love xo

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All Partied Out


Parties, Weddings, Hen Weekend, Christmas drinks.
Oh and a bit of work. The list goes on.





Lovely Lymington

A gorgeous weekend in lovely Lymington.

We stayed in the smallest room in the world at the super sweet Angel and Blue Pig and drank way too much tequila at a wedding.

Love xo


Two Wedding & A Funeral

So December has been strange, busy and beautiful.

5 am starts and 11 pm finishes do not make for a happy Warner but dinner with friends, making wreaths, shopping, wrapping presents and visiting my favourite spa is the perfect antidote - and this week has been all about that #workhardplayhard.

We have two weddings in December and now, unbelievably sadly, have a funeral too. My boys dear sweet Grandmama passed this week leaving a lifetime of wonderful memories and a very sad family tribe.

But today we're heading off to the beautiful south coast for a Wedding so no sadness today only Big Love.

A xo


Christmas Is Now In The Building

Amazing! everyday is like... well it's like Christmas.

Love xo


Workshop – Pop Up Printshop

Well hello there!

And good afternoon to you, yes you - over there - I've got some news to put a smile on that pretty face... having just hosted my Christmas workshop, I am bringing back a series of workshops for the Autumn & Winter {more to come on the others next week} Never since Tony Hart graced our screens has lino printing and screen printing been so ruddy cool - think tattoo inspired birdies and anchors, oh-so-on-trend geometrics and {totally overdone but none the less still charming} moustaches and bow ties - you get the picture.

Like the sound of that? naturally, it's going to be a little bit special, learning about block printing techniques before trying your new skills to create your very own canvas tote bag and tea towel as well as Valentines card and print.

What is the date?
7th February 2014

What are the timings?
10.30 til 3.00

What do you need to bring?
Absolutely nothing, just your pretty self. Unless you like to wear expensive clothes - then maybe bring your favourite apron {or swap your Jacobs for Jaeger - don't worry, I won't tell anyone}. But seriously we do use inks so sleeves that roll up are a must and family heirlooms should be avoided.

Do I need a design?
We will have some template designs for you to choose from for the lino print and you will have the opportunity to create a design of your very own. If you want to be super prepared then prep a design at home, but remember block shapes with little or no detail work best, especially if it is your first time.

Where is the Pop Up Shop?
I've yet to confirm the venue but it will be central Derby.

What's the cost?

£45 per person which includes all of your materials including tea towel, tote bag and card and envelopes as well as a little goodie bag.

You in? cool, book your spot below*

*Sorry lovelies I can't reserve any spaces until you make your pretty little minds up if you can make it or not - we only have limited spaces, time is short and time is money - so you are either in or out.

A little bit of Small Print...

- Once your space is booked it is non refundable and non transferrable.
- If you could arrive 5 minutes before the workshop starts that would be fabulous.
- There will be a 30 minute break for lunch.

Want to see what we get upto in these classes? take a look at Pop Up Print Shops {and at Folly}, and the Christmas workshop here and a lovely blog post from one of the lovely ladies who joined us here.

I would love to see you if you are a beginner, haven't thought about paper cutting {except the painful type you get in the office} since school or if you just want to come and hangout and talk cheese and Fleetwood Mac.

Any questions? then drop me a mail hello@abigailwarner.com

Get crafty friends xo

{Picture by the fabulous Holly Booth at the equally fabulous Ink & Thread.}


November, November


Cocktails in Liverpool, Days in London breakfasting at Chiltern Firehouse, lunching at Spring, Dinners at Covent Garden, trips to Somerset House, a super-gorgeous lovely stay at Grays Court in York, flying upto Scotland, lovely work and fabulous friends.


Love xo


Pop Up Christmas Workshop

So yesterday I had a lot of fun. Like way more fun than you are supposed to have when you're full of cold and pre-tty exhausted.

Hosted by the super fabulous Mad Hares on Sadler Gate - a room full of gorgeous ladies playing all things screen print, letterpress and lino print - what a hoot we had.

Can't wait to announce my programme for 2015 xo


A Week Away

So I was away from the studio - here, there and everywhere for over a week - I stayed local and hung out with my brother, my boy, my pup, caught up with friends and then went to York to celebrate four years since my first date with my boy and then flew upto Troon to spend the weekend with a super inspiring lady and now I'm in London town.


Pass the coffee.

Love xo


A Rainy Week

And a long week.

And a bit of a sad week.

So i'm going to take my face to meet the champagne and settle into the weekend.

Have a good one xo


Hear ye Hear ye

We are SO excited to be on the home page of Top Drawer Spring Stationery and Greetings section - wit woo.

We are stand Y66 and can't wait to see you there. #bethereorbesquare

Love xo


Cabin Fever

This weekend we have been all about keeping our little doggy happy whilst humans set light to noisy-scary things in their gardens in the name of F.U.N. Which has meant staying in.

On a weekend.

More specifically staying in on a Saturday night. A concept I have been unfamiliar with - forever.

Ho hum what to do with this new found time of hanging out at home?

I chose catching up on reading, cooking {yes COOKING! from scratch!} and upcyling a fabulous little cupboard that is now home to my rather extensive shoe collection.

Hope you had a good one.

Love xo