Abigail Warner in Selfridges

Super duper happy you can now buy my tags in Selfridges


It’s My Party

I recently held my Seventh Birthday Party at Ink and Thread in Derby for my little team and favourite suppliers.

It was lots of lovely fun.

Images by Depict Photography.

Love xo


Abigail Warner in Selfridges

Having my wrap and tags stocked in Selfridges makes me very happy indeed.

Happy, happy, happy xo


A Day In The City

I spent my usual day in the City on Tuesday this week and my day went a little something like this.

Breakfast at the Gilbert Scott, Coffee at the Langham, Lunch on the hoof at Leon, Meeting at One Marylebone then onto Selfridges to see my products out in all of their glory - cue much merriment and celebrating by buying some lovely new Chanel makeup - then onto Liberty to buy new candles, obvs - before a quick dash in Topshop for holiday clothes.

Perfect clients, successful shopping exped, lots of planning and a happy ride home.

Love xo


Birthday Week

Last week It was my Birthday and I got spoilt, ate a-lot and spent time with my lovely friends and family.

I also had a-lot-of-deadlines.

Love xo


Selfie Saturday

Last night I went for birthday dinner and dancing with some of my lovely friends.

We had a hoot.

And took some selfies.

That's me in the leopard print. xo


Heavenly Hickstead

Champagne, horses and sunshine.

The perfect Sunday xo


Stop And Smell The Roses

Life is flying by.

Summer is officially here and i'm feeling all kinds of crazy and chaos.

Happy clients, pretty cool projects and a full inbox.

#noimnotstressed #passthevodka

A xo


One Marylebone

We were SO excited to announce that our Paperfest is being held at One Marylebone, London's premier fancy pants venue for super duper Weddings.


ONE MONTH TODAY! no pressure! xo

Pictures of last years Paperfest by the wonderful Lisa Jane Photography, Picture of One Marylebone by the lovely Caught The Light.


It’s My Party & I’ll Cry If I Want To

I didn't of course.

But I could easily have done 'cause I was so ruddy proud of my team and extended team of suppliers.

So I got merry instead which is infinitely better than crying although both activities leave you with a fuzzy head, feeling sorry for yourself.


Can't wait to see the official pics.

Love xo


A Super Sunny Week

Doesn't the sun make everyone happy?

Well it certainly does moi.

Happy days xo


Inky Fun Calligraphy Workshop

I hosted my first Calligraphy Workshop with the lovely Imogen Owen at Ink and Thread at the weekend.

We had a ball.

Well to be more precise we had a lot of inky fun.

Can't wait to run another in the Autumn.

Love xo