30 days sans coffee, 3 days sans rain

30 days and nights, and I'm still craving my coffee fix.

Marked summer solstice at supper, with a side of rain of course.

But nothing beats fresh blooms and pink vibes to dampen the cravings and mask the rain

Happy weekend xo



rain, rain go away

What a week.

Endless rain and endless deadlines.

But yay for lots of pretty new shoes from Clarks who have a magnificent sale.

Big love for a fabulous Friday - we're off to the pub xo


Sun, hen and wedding vibes

Oh my -
How glorious it felt to ditch last weeks' heavy knits and get the sun shades out!

The week started a little delicately (thanks to Saturday's hen at The Kedleston) - but what a fabulous evening!
Monday onwards has been bright; filled with lovely clients, gorgeous pugs and new accessories.

Looking forward to a perfect ending with another wedding out of town
Oh look - It's nearly the weekend

Pass the fizz xo


9 days, 15 hours sans coffee

No big deal.

So this week so far has been long, and tough, for many reasons but a week (or even a half week) sans my mega-milky-coffee-fix is particularly testy.

Is it the weekend? xo



Long days and late nights

It's been one of those weeks.

Deadlines and targets and lots of wine.

A gorgeous lunch at Hemsley and Hemsley (make sure you try the almond and green tea latte), lovely dinner at Granger and Co (try the shrimp burger) , meetings, work, more meetings, fabulous times with friends at the Hockley Arts Club (try the twister cocktail) and catching Laurence Fox at Bodega.

Is it Friday? yes - awesome.

*turns all alarms off.


Sunny May

Oh May.

Bringer of sunshine, peonies and parties.

You are marvellous.

Super long studio days filled with gorgeous light and ending with a rosé in the garden are very bearable.

Big love



When winter returned

It's been so cold this week that I have been having a bath as soon as I get home from the studio - not just for a lovely long relax but to get warm - what has happened to the weather?

I've kept warm by dreaming of tropical holidays and the aforementioned bath, not to mention we are super duper busy in the studio right now with lots of lovely wedding clients - so running around all day long keeps the mind of the chill.

I had a wonderful time in London too - catching up with retailers, meeting clients and partners - but always time for lovely food and coffee - this week courtesy of the Chiltern Firehouse and the Connaught - and they call this work #lovewhatyoudo.

Super happy Bank Holiday love xo


Tropical Brights

Last week in the studio loked a little like this - tropical brights for some of our favourite designs for PaperWrapCo. xo


Party! Party!

I threw a little party for my BFF and it looked a little something like this.

We used the lovely Portobello Derby for our catering and they were fabulous xo


And then the sun came out to play


A mini heat wave #akaoursummer so it's all been a bit work hard, play hard.

I've also rediscovered a love of gin #cuehangover but what a lovely week - dinners with family, dinners with friends at new restaurants, lovely clients, awesome projects and an all round good vibe.

Happy days xo


Life lately…

One of my 2016 goals was to be in the moment, suspend worry of the endless to do, switch off the email on a Friday and have more adventures.

Well #eyeroll it wasn't going so well #standard so I made plans to turn that around #lifegoals and not just make the time for the big plans and adventures but the small, every day ones too #cuecliche well April so far is feeling like I'm making the most of everything and it feels goooood! so now if we can just do something about that rain - that would be be-yond.

Big love xo


Pretty Pictures

It's Friday!

And it's not raining - it's a miracle!

So this week i've been loving catching up with pictures from Instagram of lovely customers with their Abigail Warner stationery products - so pretty xo