Workshop – Pop Up Printshop

Well hello there!

And good afternoon to you, yes you - over there - I've got some news to put a smile on that pretty face...

I am bringing back a series of workshops for the Spring {more to come on the others next week} Never since Tony Hart graced our screens has block printing been so ruddy cool - think tattoo inspired birdies and anchors, oh-so-on-trend geometrics and {totally overdone but none the less still charming} moustaches and bow ties - you get the picture.

Like the sound of that? naturally, it's going to be a little bit special, learning about block printing techniques before trying your new skills to create your very own canvas tote bag and tea towel as well as creating your own ranges of cards and a print.

What is the date?
21st March 2015

What are the timings?
10.30 til 3.00

What do you need to bring?
Absolutely nothing, just your pretty self. Unless you like to wear expensive clothes - then maybe bring your favourite apron {or swap your Jacobs for Jaeger - don't worry, I won't tell anyone}. But seriously we do use inks so sleeves that roll up are a must and family heirlooms should be avoided.

Do I need a design?
We will have some template designs for you to choose from for the lino print and you will have the opportunity to create a design of your very own. If you want to be super prepared then prep a design at home, but remember block shapes with little or no detail work best, especially if it is your first time.

Where is the Pop Up Shop?
I've yet to confirm the venue but it will be central Derby.

What's the cost?

£45 per person which includes all of your materials including tea towel, tote bag and card and envelopes as well as a little goodie bag.

You in? cool, book your spot below*

*Sorry lovelies I can't reserve any spaces until you make your pretty little minds up if you can make it or not - we only have limited spaces, time is short and time is money - so you are either in or out.

A little bit of Small Print...

- Once your space is booked it is non refundable and non transferrable.
- If you could arrive 5 minutes before the workshop starts that would be fabulous.
- There will be a 30 minute break for lunch.

Want to see what we get upto in these classes? take a look at Pop Up Print Shops {and at Folly}, and the Christmas workshop here and a lovely blog post from one of the lovely ladies who joined us here.

I would love to see you if you are a beginner, haven't thought about paper cutting {except the painful type you get in the office} since school or if you just want to come and hangout and talk cheese and Fleetwood Mac.

Any questions? then drop me a mail hello@abigailwarner.com

Get crafty friends xo

{Picture by the fabulous Holly Booth at the equally fabulous Ink & Thread.}


This Is The Week

That my phone unceremoniously died. #sadtimes

Courtesy of those wonderful people at o2 I know have a Samsung phone the kind not seen since 1997. #sadtimesindeed

Add to that a MOUNTAIN of work and a studio move and you may get the picture of how my week has gone.

But no fear. Friday night is here. That can only mean one thing when we're in on said day. Fish and Chips.

Have a fine and dandy weekend y'all. I intend to drink my body weight in the pink stuff and have lots of fun.

Big-fishy-no-phone-Love xo


A Heart Felt Thank You


Love Is In The Air

The run upto Valentines is always a little hectic and this week has certainly been a whirlwind.

Yes siree.

But alas the weekend is nearly upon us.


Big Valentine love xo


Pick, Pack & Repeat

I feel like that has been my mantra for a couple of weeks now, well it is that time of year.

But also found time for some pretty too.

Three cheers for the weekend. xo


In The Pink

Well, well, well.

This week has been all kinds of special for all kinds of reasons.

But now for a weekend with friends and family and my favourite pink stuff xo


Desperately Seeking Sunday

Is it me or does Friday seem like a life time ago?

This weekend has been hectic but i'm about to get in the bath so all is well with the world.

Big bubbly bath Love xo


But It’s Not All Been Work, Work, Work

I've played around with my new products {that dear friends is not work} on a shoot, cleaned the house {it's like therapy for me - don't judge} and had the biggest hangover of 2015 on Sunday after a Friday night spent boozing with Mummy Dearest and her good friend at our favourite French bistrot followed by a raucous all day sesh with my oldest and bestest chums.

Here's what else i've been upto.

Just the usual.

Big Monday love xo


Top Drawer Spring 2015

Well didn't we have a ball?

So overwhelmed {and I don't mind sharing a little over emotional} right now at the response to the Spring launch.

Take a little look for yourself - all of the products will be available to buy from 1.2.15. Hell to the yes.

Be still my beating heart as I bask in the glory of neon, pastels and metallics.



Puttin’ On The Ritz

I'm very lucky - my Mummy is all kinds of wonderful so I took her to the Ritz for dinner as a thank you very much for being so ruddy wonderful.

Totally recommend. They have my favourite wine, Whispering Angel, and serve Macarons that are actually to die for as part of their petit fours.

Heaven xo


Come & See Us At Top Drawer 2015

Come and see us at Top Drawer London we will be on Stand Y66 with lots of super duper new Luxury Stationery that is designed and finished in Derby, printed in Nottingham and London.

Totally Made in England for people who appreciate fine and playful paper goods.

Big Trade Show Love! xo


Happy New 2015!

Here's to an amazing 2015!

Big New Year Love xo