Ibiza Wedding Style

This is a mixture of three Ibizan weddings from the last couple of years that all carried a similar aesethic. Pale pales and bright brights with smatterings of glitter and glamour.

So I recently realised that that half of my clients are having destination weddings... Ibiza, Paris, Italy, Seychelles - but mostly Ibiza, so I gotta thinking that this my friend is a niché? no? am I wrong? a little presumptuous maybe? Well I think not, so this little lady has just booked her self a little trip to the white isle to see what all the fuss is about, whilst I jet off, why don't you take a look at more of my rather splendid wedding stationery designs on my site, Abigail Warner.

Love and peace xo


Ibiza Wedding Stationery

Destination weddings tick all of my boxes. The bride and groom are usually not adverse to a bit of experimentation and are typically really into making their invitations absolutely rock, with a capital K.

I recently worked with an oh-so gorgeous couple on gorgeous Save the Date cards and Wedding stationery for their Atzaro Ibiza wedding. And my-oh-my we came up with a sweet piece of pie. A bold and bright bright Mediterranean colour palette combined with contemporary design and gorgeous print finishing topped off with contrasting lined envelopes. I cannot wait to start the on the day element design.

Did you know that half of my clients are having destination weddings? No I didn't either 'til I sat and tallied it up - so if you knew already, are you stalking me? joke. no seriously? ha - gottya. this joke could get very old, very quickly - anyhow whether your stalking me or just interested in my work - take a look at more of my rather splendid wedding stationery designs on my site, Abigail Warner.

Peace and Love xo


Eat, Party, Sleep, Repeat



Creative Clients

I salute my clients.

How sweet is this bunny bunting, used as a topper for an Easter cake?



Happy Easter!

Now go eat chocolate, drink Champagne, spend time with your favourite people, go to Church, say a prayer, maybe even catch up on your favourite TV programme {please don't get me started on The Good Wife}.

Whatever makes you happy, do that. xo


Put pen to paper

I have to admit I am kinda' loving April.

The weather is cheery. People are more cheery. The air feels more cheery. The world is a happier place.

Exciting things are afoot.

Merci xo


Pretty Paris

Paris is always a good idea.

Who needs words when you can just look at the pictures.

C'est la vie xo

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Pretty pencils

Fancy some bespoke pencils?

Hit me up xo


Paper Paris

If you love print and paper like moi, take a wander down to Rue du Pont Louis Phillippe. You will not be disappointed xo


Always learning

Make up lesson. Check!
Calligraphy lesson. Check!

And the sun shone.

Happy days xo


Work Eat Drink Sleep Repeat

So last week was pretty intense.
Work was crazy.
Life was crazy.
Playtime was crazy and involved dinner at Lunches at Laduree, Aubaine and Muriels and dinners at Soho House and Berners Tavern - cue detox.

But hey I like a bit of crazy.

I don't like losing my favourite faux fur peach scarf so my face is currently sad.

Love xo


A sunny week

So it's April, how did that happen?

Well if it's going to be warm, sunny and Spring like it can stay.

Here's to a wonderful week xo

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