Desperately Seeking Sunday

Is it me or does Friday seem like a life time ago?

This weekend has been hectic but i'm about to get in the bath so all is well with the world.

Big bubbly bath Love xo


But It’s Not All Been Work, Work, Work

I've played around with my new products {that dear friends is not work} on a shoot, cleaned the house {it's like therapy for me - don't judge} and had the biggest hangover of 2015 on Sunday after a Friday night spent boozing with Mummy Dearest and her good friend at our favourite French bistrot followed by a raucous all day sesh with my oldest and bestest chums.

Here's what else i've been upto.

Just the usual.

Big Monday love xo


Top Drawer Spring 2015

Well didn't we have a ball?

So overwhelmed {and I don't mind sharing a little over emotional} right now at the response to the Spring launch.

Take a little look for yourself - all of the products will be available to buy from 1.2.15. Hell to the yes.

Be still my beating heart as I bask in the glory of neon, pastels and metallics.



Puttin’ On The Ritz

I'm very lucky - my Mummy is all kinds of wonderful so I took her to the Ritz for dinner as a thank you very much for being so ruddy wonderful.

Totally recommend. They have my favourite wine, Whispering Angel, and serve Macarons that are actually to die for as part of their petit fours.

Heaven xo


Come & See Us At Top Drawer 2015

Come and see us at Top Drawer London we will be on Stand Y66 with lots of super duper new Luxury Stationery that is designed and finished in Derby, printed in Nottingham and London.

Totally Made in England for people who appreciate fine and playful paper goods.

Big Trade Show Love! xo


Happy New 2015!

Here's to an amazing 2015!

Big New Year Love xo


Heavenly Christmas

I'm in a blissful chocolate and present and Lemsip bubble.

I may feel like total shite but I am surrounded by my nearest and very dearest.

Merry Christmas xo


Peace, Love & Thank You

For making 2014 so ruddy amazing.

Without my clients, customers, stockists, suppliers and team my little world would not rock anywhere near as much as it does right now #blessed.

I am off to spend the festive period with my family and friends to drink and eat England's finest.

See you in 2015 you wonderful lot.

Big Christmas Love xo


Jane Means – Giftwrapped

What can I say about Jane Means - a tour de force, an entrepreneur, a girls girl? well she is all of these things and a whole-lot-more-besides.

I have been a fan of Jane for a number of years - following her wonderful and hugely successful journey - whether it be wrapping for Dior, working in the window at Liberty or creating something super special at Harrods - this is a lady in demand. With a little black book that reads like a guide to Kensington and Chelsea and with the Palace on speed dial - if Jane doesn't know you - well you know the saying. but never a more grounded, hands on, approachable business lady will you meet. A giver of time, advice and knowledge - I believe the key to her success is her warm and ever giving personality.

So imagine how excited I was when I heard about Giftwrapped - a DIY feast of luxurious paper and gift wrapping.

Maybe you need help on tips on an awkward gift? {football? Wine? Plant?} or maybe you want to make a simple box look the business - Giftwrapped guides you through with simple step-by-step instructions and tricks of the trade all in Jane's flamboyant but stylish signature style.

I especially loved all the trims - I live in the detail, so all of the ideas around ribbons, trims and embellishments I found super interesting - as well as the mood boards - such a great idea.

It's absolutely heavenly, beautiful pictures, great instructions and so much inspiration - my Christmas present wrapping theme was 100% inspired by Jane and I can't wait 'til Christmas Eve when my friends and family be more than a little Wow'ed!

Available to order in time for Christmas.

Big present wrapping love xo

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All Partied Out


Parties, Weddings, Hen Weekend, Christmas drinks.
Oh and a bit of work. The list goes on.





Lovely Lymington

A gorgeous weekend in lovely Lymington.

We stayed in the smallest room in the world at the super sweet Angel and Blue Pig and drank way too much tequila at a wedding.

Love xo


Two Wedding & A Funeral

So December has been strange, busy and beautiful.

5 am starts and 11 pm finishes do not make for a happy Warner but dinner with friends, making wreaths, shopping, wrapping presents and visiting my favourite spa is the perfect antidote - and this week has been all about that #workhardplayhard.

We have two weddings in December and now, unbelievably sadly, have a funeral too. My boys dear sweet Grandmama passed this week leaving a lifetime of wonderful memories and a very sad family tribe.

But today we're heading off to the beautiful south coast for a Wedding so no sadness today only Big Love.

A xo