So That Was June

You went by in a flash, in a haze of work and London trips, ladies days, dinner and drinks.

You were crazy and hectic and fun and fabulous.

Roll on July xo




SO SO SO SO SO excited to share that on the 28th September I de-camp down to Oxford Street for 3 months for a Christmas concession - lots more to come on this super exciting project soon.

Big Department Store Love xo


Studio Times

Just a peek into the goings-on in the studio in May. It's our busiest month for weddings, throw in lots of trade orders and super-duper-big projects and you get a measure!

Big studio love xo


Two Bank Holidays, A Flower Show and a Dublin Trip

May was pretty busy. A month of adventures with friends and family and excitement in my little studio.

Highlights included not one, but two bank holidays (why can't more months involve two bank holidays?!) long suppers with friends in new bars (current favourite Brookyln Social Club in Derby and a wonderful visit to the Chelsea Flower Show with my mummy - it was heaven.

And work? well work is just off the scale - lots more to come on that very soon.

Big bank holiday love xo


Calligraphy & Cocktails

We held another wonderful Workshop with our lovely friend Imogen Owen 22 lovely ladies, an afternoon in my studio followed by lots of lovely cocktails. The perfect Saturday


The A Team

Last week I spent a wonderful couple of days with key suppliers who totally make my business happen and in super-duper simplified terms it goes a little something like this...

James Cropper Paper Mill - who have a frankly mind blowing machine the size of a football pitch in the Lakes - Cropper's make all of the paper stocks I use - Cropper's, amongst lots of other activities - make papers exclusively for my wonderful paper merchants - GF Smith in Hull - who supply the paper I use to Century Studios in Nottingham who do my digital print and Foilco - who I use for my print finishing who have the most amazing space in Warrington that I could happily move into - thank you please.

It was epic. Beyond epic. It was really special. A huge shout out to Janet at GF Smith for making it happen.

I love that I know the faces of the people that make my product work and that I know what happens behind the scenes and that I can understand how each and every process adds to the end result.

But more importantly for me as an independent business owner - I understand my supply chain and know that every single product that comes out of my studio is 100% designed and manufactured in the UK ‪and I'm really, really proud of that.

If you want to work with the people who I consider to be part of my A Team (more about the other people that make it work in the future) - you can contact them below.

Janet at GF Smith / jstevens@gfsmith.com
Wayne at Century Studios / wayne@centurystudios.co.uk
Andrew at Foil Co./ andrew@foilco.co.uk


The Never Ending Month of April

I survived.

April was all kinds of crazy.

Work was hectic, home was hectic and lots of exciting but super time consuming projects got underway.

Here is a bit of a look - highlights included parties with the family in London to visiting my foil supplier, Foilco, and Paper mill, Croppers with my lovely paper merchants, GF Smith and digital printer, Century Studios. Total paper heaven.

Bring on a slightly more sedate May xo


April Showers

Well Hello April!

You have been very kind with your pretty light and long days - looking forward to spending the month with you but for now - I am off for the weekend.

Big Sunny Love xo


Spring Forward

March 2015. The month that totally changed my little business forever.

Wonderful, crazy, hectic, magical, intense, fun - it's been a whirlwind twinned with a beyond over-subscribed social diary.

Looking forward to saying Bonjour to April kicking off in fine style with a weekend sponsored by a small fluffy animal and chocolate filled break - but before then just a few more days of crazy.


Cath Kidston Key Note Speaker Paperfest 2015

So excited to have just announced that Cath Kidston is our Key Note Speaker for Paperfest 2015.

Literally cannot wait to hear her talk about the "Journey of a Brand" - Cath will be sharing her amazingly inspirational story from kitchen tabletop dreams to multi-national success, her vision and creative processes - eek!

Tickets available www.paperfest.co.uk

Big Paperfest Love xo


Life lately

Has been pretty hectic - lots cooking in the pot as it were.

Here is a bit of snapshot of March so far. Lots of work and lots of play.

Have an absolutely wonderful week.

Big paper love xo


Modern Calligraphy Workshop

Join Imogen and Abigail for an afternoon Workshop of inky fun on 9th May at an Introduction to Modern Calligraphy.

The sessions will be led by the wonderful Imogen where you will learn about Modern Calligraphy, work on form exercises, practice the lower case and uppercase alphabet and play around with your very own style that will help you create your very own piece of original artwork with a phrase or quote.

You will receive a really fabulous kit including penholder, nib and ink and calligraphy practice pad.

The workshop is aimed at beginners or those with experience who want to update their style.

Fabulous, what's the date?
The date is Saturday 9th May.

Sounds great, what's the cost?
Cost is £45 per person and includes re-useable materials.

And where is the workshop?
Central Derby - DE1 - to be confirmed

And do I need to do any prep?
Absolutely nothing! You don’t need to do any prep at all and you don’t need to bring anything on the day, just your lovely self!

If you have an idea of a quote or saying that you want to create during your session then certainly bring it along.

Anything else I need to know?
If you could arrive about 5 minutes before the workshops starts - that would be great. We will be in touch a little closer to the time to remind you of all the details for our afternoon together.

Getting to Derby
If you are driving - there is a great car park close-by on Bold Lane or if you arriving on the train or bus we are very central and a five minute walk. If you hop in a cab - make sure you get a yellow cab and ask it to drop you by the Library.

Please note that your space is not refundable.

Book your space here...

This event is now S O L D O U T! more dates will be announced.

See you soon xo

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