Dear Miss Lily

Each and every week our own Miss Lily will bring you a round up of the latest events, exhibitions and launches. Here is a little snapshot of what to expect...

The Enchanted Palace sees dream-like installations, film projects, sound, performance and fashion combine with the splendour of THE beautiful Kensington Palace to create something truly magical...by acclaimed Theatre Company Wildworks, in collaboration with a host of big boys in the world of fashion design including Vivienne Westwood and Stephen Jones.
A major exhibition this winter - subtitled Style and Subversion - charts the rise and fall of Postmodernism
as the dominant aesthetic of the 1970's and '80s..across art, architecture, fashion and music..the cornerstones
of our society.

It's time for the annual Designers in ResidenceExhibition at the Design Musuem. There's all manner of site specific installations and other works on show at the Museum, celebrating new and emerging talent.

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Lounge Lover

On a Sunday morning I will bring you Lounge Lover, a round up of my most loved from the week...

Last week i was mostly loving..

if political satire brings a smile to those lips, read about the exhibition here

check out yasmin's line here

go scour the shelves of oxfam's online vintage store here 

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Postcards to the Paper Boudoir


Really this is just a tease! (as these posts are just to give you an idea of what is to come starting T.O.M.O.R.R.O.W.  eek!) but I just love this darn brand so much i wanted you to just take some time out of your hectic-ness to bask in the glory of all that is all good about our french cousins.

one of those things is Chloé.

Oh the type!

Oh the nod to 70's!

Oh their choice of photography!

Oh the......shh now, because I have a real treat in store for you paper prince and princesses, but less of that now, time for me to get on, so enjoy the pictures, sit back, sip a martini and 'tend your in gay pareee.

you can view the current chloe collection here  and buy online at net-a-porter- here.

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Fashion Friday (da’ling)

So each and every Friday we will be taking a look at fashion and print design, that has a print spin to it too, so who better than to kick star our Fashion Friday series than the one and only Celia Birtwell.

I love, love, love this woman and my new pup, Matilda, is adorned in her new puppy range. Too cute.

check out celia's website here 

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Paper Honey

OK, i have to admit i was a little lazy with this one as these are all designs i totally covet, but it gives you the idea of what to expect in this series.

Totally gorgeous print and textile design from our UK based super duper talented peeps.

Think this is going to be one of my favourite sections.

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Wedding Paper Parlour

Every Wednesday i will be looking at the gorgeous paper pretty in the world of wedding stationery.

Looking at the most intricate, laser cut, embossed card decked with gold paint and hand finished by fairies to the beautifully simple DIY pretty, bring you details on the latest trends and future predictions, I will also feature guest slots by printing specialists who will explain to you, dear reader, in the way that only printers can, the difference between embossing, letter press and litho print techniques.


excited? oui? me too.

(imagery is the brand spanky new collection "sketch" by knots and kisses.)

love abbey, whipping up a social storm in a tea cup xx