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Sleeping Under The Stars

Posted by Abbey on Jun 2, 2017

Happy Friday!

What a week! just getting round to catching up - this is what always happens with the long weekend and short week combo - it always catches me and my to do list by surprise #howhaveinotlearnt

Anyhew flash back to last weekend aka The Bank Holiday - which we spent sleeping under the stars in the beautiful Peak District at Lathkill Dale.

We camped out in our little Type 25 Volkswagen Holdsworth - alongside our friends who were in tents #smugface #sorrynotsorry it was great to have a hook up on a pitch site and be able to camp with our friends (this doesn't always happen).

The weather was bea-utiful, the birds were sing-ing, the cows were moo-ing and there was much excitement as we set up camp - we had a fabulous new sun canopy from VW Heritage that has been especially designed for classic cars and vans with rain gutters - which is perfect for our T25.

For the past few years we have used a gazebo which causes an epic #campingfail when the weathers not great as it doesn't attach directly to the van so there ends up being a wet head/ muddy boot/ muddy entrance way situation - well this canopy fixes that #hurrah!


With a domed roof and finished in a showerproof silver it works really well with the vintage look of our van.

It attached really easily to the gutters with gripper clamps and then was secured to the ground with guy lines and pegs - the perfect addition for a mixed weather camping trip.

Just a bit of small print re the size - the adjustable height is from 1.4m to 2.2m and the sun canopy size is 2.4m X 3.4m.

Carry on camping! xo

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