Flash Sale!

We're having a flash sale to celebrate Abigail's birthday and the business anniversary on Abigail Warner - just enter BIRTHDAY10 in the checkout to claim 50% off most products.

Happy Shopping!


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The Hamper-ling

Stop the press.

If you are a picnic aficionado like moi - then get yourself to Fortnum & Mason - pronto. They are selling in store only - the most wonderful little picnic hampers - with a choice of feasts that you can add to - then grab your picnic blanket and grab a deckchair on Green Park - and relax xo

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Cafe Liberty

We had a fabulous day in London midweek - one of our many pit stops was as Cafe Liberty - on the second floor of the iconic Department Store.

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Picnic & Pimms

We have a wonderful sunny day at Uttoxeter races on Thursday - we even backed a few winners - gorgeous Summer days make this little heart happy.

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Sleeping Under The Stars

Happy Friday!

What a week! just getting round to catching up - this is what always happens with the long weekend and short week combo - it always catches me and my to do list by surprise #howhaveinotlearnt

Anyhew flash back to last weekend aka The Bank Holiday - which we spent sleeping under the stars in the beautiful Peak District at Lathkill Dale.

We camped out in our little Type 25 Volkswagen Holdsworth - alongside our friends who were in tents #smugface #sorrynotsorry it was great to have a hook up on a pitch site and be able to camp with our friends (this doesn't always happen).

The weather was bea-utiful, the birds were sing-ing, the cows were moo-ing and there was much excitement as we set up camp - we had a fabulous new sun canopy from VW Heritage that has been especially designed for classic cars and vans with rain gutters - which is perfect for our T25.

For the past few years we have used a gazebo which causes an epic #campingfail when the weathers not great as it doesn't attach directly to the van so there ends up being a wet head/ muddy boot/ muddy entrance way situation - well this canopy fixes that #hurrah!


With a domed roof and finished in a showerproof silver it works really well with the vintage look of our van.

It attached really easily to the gutters with gripper clamps and then was secured to the ground with guy lines and pegs - the perfect addition for a mixed weather camping trip.

Just a bit of small print re the size - the adjustable height is from 1.4m to 2.2m and the sun canopy size is 2.4m X 3.4m.

Carry on camping! xo

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From Around The Internets!

We LOVE to see pictures of our lovely customers showing off their AW products - this is a small selection from this week.


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Hot In The City!

What a week!

The mercury has been rising and so have our excitement levels about the gorgeous products in the studio! Here are just a selection of this weeks highlights xo

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After The Sun Comes Rain

What a week.

New clients, wonderful meetings with existing clients and a day spent at the Berkeley Spa - more to come on that when we have a moment - and now we're hosting workshops at the studio for the weekend - happy days!




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Home sweet home

Home sweet home, wishing I could have hung out here all day.  Instead I was diving straight back into work with endless meetings - which on the upside meant I could temporarily ignore the enormous piles of holiday washing that needed my attention xo

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Cornwall and the wedding!

Our Cornwall trip has been an absolute dream.

Easter holidays road tripping our 'green and pleasant' land in our van was the bomb - although naturally we did check into a hotel for a few days for the wedding, which was sweeeeet!

Waking up for a gorgeous wedding in a pretty castle with lovely people - by the sea - with lots of sunshine!

And we were totally blessed with the weather - I'm putting together a little guide on our travels.

Peace out xo

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Across the map of England

A week has been perfectly filled with reflecting on London meetings, which collided with great locations, colour testing typos, and lunching with mother.  Now we have our glamper-van packed, fuelled and ready for the long windy road to Lands End - that is Cornwall!

Matilda is doing her spring dance in excitement to be by the seaside xo


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20 Things About Me

I was recently asked to take part in a 20 things about me on Instagram and I would normally totally ignore  shy away from anything that involves tagging - but I like the person who tagged me and I thought it might be fun - so here you go - there are lots of things about me already out there - so I've picked some quite personal details.

1. I’m very lucky that my parents instilled in me from a young age that I can do and be whatever I set my heart on and they totally encouraged my curious and creative mind. I have to understand the how and why and am a bit of a Hermione Grainger. It makes learning new things a lo-ong process but 2017 is the year I'm learning lots of new hobbies -but am keeping them to myself for now #havetobegoodatsomethingbeforeicanshare
2. I am the youngest of 3 - I have two brothers (I think that’s why I’m so competitive).
3. My parents personalised everything for us - you name it had my name on it - I think thats why I love the personalised trend so much.
4. My family nick name is Tabitha (and variations thereof - Tibby, Botty - basically anything except my actual name) - which is Abigail Mary-Louise Warner.
5. I didn’t take a traditional career route (is there such a thing?) and joined the Royal Navy on my 18th birthday (so I don’t have a formal design background - even though I now have a Degree it’s not design related and I don’t think it’s necessary to have formal training in design to be good at it).
6. I was in the Royal Navy Showjumping team and had an accident whilst training for an event - which ended my Naval career (and my riding one - as I never quite recovered my nerve #boo) and my left arm can only move at 30% of its capacity.
7. I have a very frank, open and honest personality - sometimes a little too honest #nopokerface
8. But I like to think that my personality - is the reason I have the most amazingly loyal and wonderful gang of fabulous girlfriends - who would have my back for anything, and me them #passthespade
9. I am not a natural blonde - my hair is a deep mahogany (and grey!)
10. I adore leopard print and always have a splash of it (and rose quartz, citrine and moonstone) about my person.
11. I love super luxury - but equally love the great outdoors getting muddy and windswept in our camper van (he’s yellow and called Eric after Bananaman).
12. Staffordshire Bull Terriers are my favourite four legged friend - I’ve had two and I absolutely hate how judged and misunderstood they are.
13. I love white (if you’ve followed me for a while you probably know that already!) add splashes of gold, pink and green and I’m in heaven. My head is a pretty hectic space and I find that having a white canvas interior both at home and in my studio makes the noise in my head a little quieter (I also have tinnitus in my left ear so am literally speaking here!).
13. I live in a lovely Victorian terrace in the centre of Derby - we can never park the car (I walk or catch the train most places) and our garden is small - but we love it. It’s a 15 minute walk to my studio and in less than 5 minutes the other way you can be out in the countryside. I live with my boyfriend Liam, who is a web designer and our dog Matilda.
14. Cheese is my favourite food (Feta and Wensleydale specifically and very closely followed by the humble potato - in any form) and I will always pick the cheese board to finish dinner.
15. Whispering Angel is my favourite tipple - if you haven’t tried it you have to immediately!
17. I have a bath every single day without fail (always with Epsom salts to detox and my favourite candles lit) and then cover myself in Tom Ford Black Orchid - which everyone always comments on - totally recommend if you’re looking for a new scent or boyfriend.
18. I have a pretty fabulous Chanel collection (and general gorgeous handbag collection - I could probably start one of those hire services)
19. I’ve had a Vogue subscription since I was 13 and am pretty obsessed with fashion - but if you see me on a day that I’m not upto anything but work - you may be forgiven for thinking otherwise #baglady.
20. My favourite places in the world are my home, the Amalfi coast which feels like home having been a family vacay for-like-ever - and I'm lucky enough to visit every year, Paris where we had our third official date - which is why it features so heavily in our interiors, the Seychelles which I absolutely adore for a real holiday and London town which is actually my favourite city in the whole world.

So basically I couldn't fit this all on Instagram - which is why I decided to add a blog post and which is essentially why I don't get involved in things like this on social media - I've got too much to say.

AW xo

Images at PaperFest by Top Drawer from Alison McGuire

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