{ Just Lovely } Its beginning to look a lot like…


Well it most certainly is from tomorrow! HO HO HO! {to early? perhaps. definitely. maybe}..

If, like MOI you have yet to purchase the all important countdown, then look no further than this bit of design lovely...

An advent calendar, in the style of library cards.


You can buy from the designer directly at The Spotted Sparrow.

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{ Wedding Paper Parlour } Very Noble

Welcome to my little wedding spot Noble Fine Art .

The fabulous North Yorkshire pair run an award winning design and print studio offering luxury social stationery, wedding stationery and business stationery.

The work that this über talented pair design is for letterpress print, which they print in house on the family farm {jealous, moi? never}.

They are also very well known for transforming photographs into beautifully etched works of art {which I have seen in person and they are truly beautiful}.

But without further ado.. onto to the Wedding Stationery..

"the theme of many of the suites of wedding stationery has been inspired by our love of the Arts & Crafts movement and Italy. The beautifully crafted work is entirely designed, created and hand finished in the Noble Fine Art studio."

Having had a good old look through their beautiful website I totally fell in love with Bouquet (featured).

"Simple and sophisticated, the Bouquet range has the letterpress printed line drawing of our Bride as a theme throughout the range. Designed to ensure that our quality letterpress printing and exceptional standard of hand finishing is available to all. Printed on 100% cotton board the Bouquet invitations look and feel luxurious and are fully customisable.."

I love love love. So elegant, it reminds me of vintage illustrations in Vogue.

Available with optional extras including personalised envelopes, calligraphy, information cards, your choice of ink, wax sealing and postal services. In fact I love the choice of Inks sooo much here you go...

So there you have it, LUXURY service with a smile.

Contact Noble Fine Art for more information on their services.

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{Type of your Life} Just my Type


I am going to be adding book reviews to the blog {soon} and first up is this little devil...Just my Type by Simon Garfield which I am just about to get stuck into...


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{ Type of your Life } My Top Five {Presents} Prints

Panic ye not.

Christmas may be only 26 days away, you may not have bought a SINGLE present, sorted out who is hosting what OR thought about the menu BUT I am here to help, like a little design led present fairy, over the coming weeks I will be sharing my favourite finds with you that will be so perfect for your loved ones they will forgive you for burning the Turkey/ Chicken/ Nut Roast {delete as appropriate}.

First up my top five typography print feast...

Nice to see you by Pearl and Earl 

Just my Type by Cutture and More than Word Art

We Love Brighton by The Wooden Truth

Love is all you Need by Print for Love of Wood

Franklin Gothic Type by Blush


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{ Lounge Lover } 27.11.11

A quick round up of my most favourite bits of the week...

And there is a bit of a theme. Books, BOOKS  and more Books...

Bad news about Arcadia followed by GOOD news about Topshop (yayyy!!!)...

AND! me receiving my first house guests two weeks after moving into the new house, with success, hurrah!!! I even got round to temporarily framing my Blondie screen print {that SO is not the final frame, but it was getting a little trashed}.





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{ Postcards to the Boudoir } Really Rather Rifle

Welcome to the weekend!

I feel like I have been totally windswept through this week and can't believe it is now Saturday (as you read I am comforting my head with a latte and nice brunch having spent a lovely evening in my favourite French restaurant in Derby with a lovely old school friend followed by a spot of dancing).

So what do we have this week? To be honest this Company barely needs an introduction...I first stumbled across them, squealing with delight I may add, at Liberty and I. FELL. IN. LOVE. such an array of beautiful social stationery I had not seen before. EVER.

So beautifully printed, so carefully packaged...a total paper junkies heaven..and then it was like when you buy a new make of car and suddenly you see them everywhere..(I had that feeling when I bought my beloved Mini in 2004, no where then everywhere, but SO in a GOOD way) Once Wed, Martha Stewart Weddings...joy of joys my little discovery was not so little afterall.

So who are Rifle Paper Co.?

"Rifle Paper Co. is a boutique stationery brand and design studio based in Winter Park, Florida created by Anna Bond together with her husband Nathan.

Our products feature Anna's whimsical designs which often include hand-painted illustrations and lettering to compose a style that feels both nostalgic and timeless. We specialize in cards, miscellaneous paper goods, invitation templates, children's goods, and art prints. Most of our goods are printed on soft, heavyweight paper stock and our stationery products are coupled with classic pointed shaped envelopes. We take great care in choosing all of our stock and printing methods to ensure our designs come to life in a way that's elegant, durable, and beautiful.

All of our products are currently printed locally in the U.S. using environmentally friendly papers & printing and then assembled by hand by our in-house production team."

Sound gorgeous, non? Well lets have a look-see...

Some of my favourites have to be the designs in the personalised stationery where as the wedding Stationery takes my breath away.. the beautiful illustrations, combined with the stunning typography and luxury papers have to be amongst my all time favourite designs/ designers. I think you will agree. {The full range launches in 2012}.

Love. LOVE. Love.

If you still want to find out more then contact the Fabulous Team.

Design. Paper. Textiles. Pretty. Lovely.


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{ Fashion Friday } Love Luella

Luella Bartley I heart thee.

The poster girl for Chelsea style and Cornwall cool. I once even emailed her royal fabulousness to tell her so. I got a reply {not from her probsy}, but nevermind, I was in heaven.

Starting her working life in fashion journalism on the Evening Standard, Vogue, The Face and Dazed & Confused  {not a bad roll call, huh?} led Luella {like a siren call} to her first love of design, closely followed by a catwalk debut in 2000 {supported financially by the backing of a close friend} life in all in all sounded so perfect. According to the stylist, Katie Grand, Luella decided to launch her own label one night when they were both out on the lash {see why I love her so?}.

My idol grew up in Stratford Upon Avon {she has said that not coming from London helped her succeed} and when she started out she famously stated that she made "the kind of clothes you can get drunk and fall over in" {so my kinda gal}. So what was it that drew so many of us to this blonde designer? Whose bag {The Gisele she designed in collaboration with Mulberry thus totally reviving the ailing brand}
Maybe it was her whimsical and total "don't take me seriously attitude" the names of her shows have always been inspired: Dial F for Fluoro; Daddy I want a Pony; Cowboys and Indians at Glastonbury..or maybe it was the fact that we could all access her via her first collection for high street store New Look for spring/summer 2002 {starting the designer\ high street collaborations} whatever it was, it worked, liked magic and before long Luella was everywhere and success took her global, staying in New York for five years and showing at New York Fashion Week, but in 2007 she returned to her roots to show in London and opened a new shop on Brook Street.

Here are some of my highlights {being immortalised by Fifi Lapin is a dream of mine btw}...

And so it went, with the signature style prom dresses becoming uniform for young female songstresses from Lily Allen to Kate Nash. Trademark girly with a whole lot of twee thrown in for good measure. which is why it was a very sad day on 10 November 2009, it was reported that Luella had ceased trading.

Losing their backer {Studio 21} coupled with our being a recession. Not good news for any brand but for a brand who spends £200k on shop rent alone....So what of the designer who was lauded for striking the perfect balance between alternative cheek and Establishment chic..

Well it is a totally harsh lesson to all of us girls {and everyone in business} having brilliant concepts, beautiful designs, a great client list, endless PR and being the darling of all things Brit just isn't going to hit it long term and sustainably if you are not covering the bottom line. Each business decision must be made with financial forecastings first and foremost {I HEAR you, believe me this does not come naturally to me either}..

So what now? Luella is still in Cornwall and designing, raising her children, living the good life and taking on a number of projects each year, her most lucrative to date being Luella's Guide to English Style which I totally recommend buying if you haven't already..and last year she was awarded an MBE and who knows in the future her fabulous designs may adorn our shops and shoulders once more..

Design. Paper. Textiles. Pretty. Lovely.


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{Paper Honey} Marvellous Macey

How are you on this chilly morning? It is starting to feel really wintery, I cannot believe it will be Christmas Eve a month today, these are my favourite few weeks of the whole year.

So talking of all things wintery, I have on the blog a bit of Christmas eye candy for you, in the shape of Charlotte Maceya small textile and homewares company based in the heart of the Cotswold countryside.

Charlotte's beautiful illustrations adorn kitchen and table wares, home decorations, bags, wedding stationery, season gifts and bespoke designs...Charlotte says..

"It is here in my little studio that I find my inspiration, as I design and lovingly hand make each new cosy or tea towel, before sending them off to their new home!

I find constant inspiration in objects from the everyday, forming the basis of my designs. My illustrative stitch 'handwriting' depicts a menagerie of elongated and quirky items such as tea cups, beach huts and boiled eggs.

My range of homewares are entirely made by hand and I carefully source quality cottons and linens from around the UK to use in my work."

So lets have a look at Charlotte's very own Christmas Shop.

Totally gorgeous for the most exciting time of the year...I can just picture pretty parcels wrapped in ribbons and tags under a beautiful tree..(Im so ordering those fabric tree's to go on my big boy tree).

But the eye candy doesn't stop there...lets have a look at Charlotte's paper pretty..

"My wedding invitations are hand-drawn and decorated on a beautiful handmade card and are just perfect to request the company of your loved ones on your big day. Each card is individually illustrated by hand and therefore entirely unique. The cards I use are a beautiful quality and each card is mould-made with a hand torn deckle-edge and a corresponding envelope, each made by an Italian paper mill."

Totally gorgeous. I would love a bit of Charlotte Macey dropping on my door step.

But your treats don't stop there my final instalment is a little more pretty...this talented gal also designs a beautiful range of greetings cards and I have to admit to being totally in love with them, my favourite being the beach huts, I can almost smell the fish and chips.

Well that its for my round up, but you can see Charlotte at many Fairs and Events, or for any further information contact Charlotte in her studio.

Whipping up a design pretty storm in a tea cup. x



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{ Just Lovely } Little House on the Prairie

Are you ready for this people?

Rachel Ashwell OF Shabby Chic global fame has gone and got her very own B&B.

I die with pride/ jealousy/ love/ adoration {ok I will stop now.} of this girl who done good and just keeps on doing good.

You can read on for yourself...and share in Rachel's dream.

A true original and a true inspiration to us hardworking girls.

PS. Pearl Lowe's cards are going to be for sale in Rachel's Californian store soon, Exciting! 

Whipping up a design pretty storm in a tea cup. x

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{ Wedding Paper Parlour } Paper and Inc.

Welcome to the blog Paper and Inc, a Scottish based design house ran by Tracy Petrie.

"Paper and Inc has been on the go behind closed doors for the last 10 years, busily designing Invitations and Cards for friends and family, and launched as a business in 2011. I have over 10 successful years of experience working in the design industry.  This has included working as a full time designer for numerous well known leading high street stores, and working as a successful freelance designer."

Tracy designs greetings cards and bespoke designs as well as wall art and social stationery. I kinda love the hint of OLD with contemporary design finish which are all digitally printed onto luxury papers.

Tracy offers a bespoke service with her wedding stationery that sits neatly along the (very sweetly named) ranges which include Tree of Love, Cherish, Lovebirds, Truesome, Grandé, L'arbe, Blossom, Enchantment and Charming.

Take a look at my favourites...

Pretty huh? my absolute favourite is the Love Birds.. the mix of the raspberry and the grey had me on first glimpse.

Talking of colours...I am becoming more than a tad obsessed with the palettes that bespoke designers are offering, how fabulous is this? I need to find Poppy in a nail varnish.

So for a fledgling business all pretty impressive, non?

If you are interested in finding out more, you can contact Tracy by phone or email..

I just wanted to end, with wishing Tracy the very best in her first year!

Bring on the champagne and the dancing girls to celebrate!

Whipping up a design pretty storm in a tea cup. x


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{ Just Lovely } Pantone Baubles

My lovely friends over at Binaryfold4 shared this Pantone Christmas Funky they have purchased for their office....I love.

Whipping up a design pretty storm in a tea cup. x

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{ Type of your Life } Pierre, Pierre

Ok, ok its not groundhog day I hear you CRY, I just decided to treat you to a double dose of "Type of your Life" today..

Whilst pondering my starter having dinner at Le Bistrot Pierre last week I couldn't help but notice how absolutely divine their Christmas menu's are...

The colour palette of plum, white and silver, their nod to the 30's with the deco design and font all topped off with silver embossing.

A lesson in a classy Christmas design right there ladies and gents (and a mean créme brulée).

Whipping up a design pretty storm in a tea cup. x