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{ Just Lovely } Little House on the Prairie

Posted by Abbey on Nov 23, 2011

Are you ready for this people?

Rachel Ashwell OF Shabby Chic global fame has gone and got her very own B&B.

I die with pride/ jealousy/ love/ adoration {ok I will stop now.} of this girl who done good and just keeps on doing good.

You can read on for yourself...and share in Rachel's dream.

A true original and a true inspiration to us hardworking girls.

PS. Pearl Lowe's cards are going to be for sale in Rachel's Californian store soon, Exciting! 

Whipping up a design pretty storm in a tea cup. x

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4 comments on “{ Just Lovely } Little House on the Prairie

  1. Mel Taylor on said:

    I saw this yesterday! I have all of Rachel’s books! If only I had a spare few thousand to go out there (And maybe even meet her royal chic-ness?)

    M x

  2. Jennifer Hunt on said:

    How beautiful.

    Jen x