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{ Just Lovely } Pantone Baubles

Posted by Abbey on Nov 22, 2011

My lovely friends over at Binaryfold4 shared this Pantone Christmas Funky they have purchased for their office....I love.

Whipping up a design pretty storm in a tea cup. x

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4 comments on “{ Just Lovely } Pantone Baubles

  1. Lisa Hall on said:

    Love these! but my house is vintage themed for the winter. Boo!

    Lisa x

    • hey, someone said that on twitter yesterday and i think because they are a design classic you could totally mix the two up…go on be a devil…xx

  2. Chrissy Marks on said:

    Hi there, the design is nice, although not very christmassy? but I do have one of these restaurants near me at Stratford and its reminded me to pay a visit!


    • i think its more classy christmas…christmas by stealth design, i love it! enjoy your visit! xx