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{ Lounge Lover } 27.11.11

Posted by Abbey on Nov 27, 2011

A quick round up of my most favourite bits of the week...

And there is a bit of a theme. Books, BOOKS  and more Books...

Bad news about Arcadia followed by GOOD news about Topshop (yayyy!!!)...

AND! me receiving my first house guests two weeks after moving into the new house, with success, hurrah!!! I even got round to temporarily framing my Blondie screen print {that SO is not the final frame, but it was getting a little trashed}.





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2 comments on “{ Lounge Lover } 27.11.11

  1. Lucy Goode on said:

    I have so put three Penguin Classics on my Christmas List! I love them! will be very hsppy if i get one, did you see them in Waterstones?

    LuLu xx

    • yes!!! that is where i went on my splurge! cannot wait for them to have a sale! good luck with your wish list! xx