{ Type of your Life } Lovely Liberty Ross

Lets get one thing straight, I LOVE men, adore them, the way they smell, make you feel and they way they make you repeat yourself ( no I will never tire of that one), However I have always had a thing for Liberty Ross..

Say her name...it kinda just rolls of the tongue and it sounds so damn cool, like she was always destined for something great.

So she is pretty cool, but she also has a super cool website crammed full of her own adventures and images..put together in a jigsaw style web layout full of gorgeous mixed content..from glamorous dinners to holidays and launches And of course a whole load of type pretty.

Text overlay.

An art deco logo.



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{ Just Lovely } Bottle Green Homes

I met the lovely folk of Bottle Green Homes at the weekend, and was really impressed at their ethos (everything is 100% from the British Isles) and choice of gifts, which all totally compliment each other (and would all look fabulous in my house! hint, hint!)..

Take a look for yourself..

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{ Miss Lily’s Diary } For the week of 21st November

A fashionable look to the week ahead...

Available now the wonderful luxe house of Bottega Veneta have launched a CD compilation of favoured brand anthems just in time for the party season..

Take a trip to the Theatre to see the highly acclaimed Jerusalem at the Apollo.

Until the 26th November visit Revolution bars for a complimentary (yes really!) Twinkle Berry (its yummy).

See the wonderful Alber Elbaz (of Lanvin fame) turn on his tree at Claridges on the 22nd November.

Visit the wonderful Somerset House from the 22nd November and go Skating.

See the beautiful Michelle Williams in "My week with Marilyn" opens in Cinemas across the country on 25th November.

Head to the Made it Market Christmas Event at Cambridge Guildhall, Guildhall Street Cambridge on the 26th November.

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{ Lounge Lover }

My most loved from the week is a bit of a mix..

I always love it when you open your favourite weekly glossy (Grazia) and there are people you know featured.

* This week I was so excited to see not one, but two of the beautiful Pearl Lowe's dresses (for Peacocks) gracing the pages.. and equally as excited was I to see the fabulous Sasha Wilkins, Liberty London Girl, featured as part of the Grazia promotion for Diesel's launch of their pre-spring and summer 2012 collection... Go Sasha!!! (ps loving the hot red lippie!) Having followed Sasha's (originally totes anon) adventures for a number of years, I am loving seeing her in a campaign (favourite was the Hunter).

* On the subject of über glam girls about town, two words, pan am. wow, wow, wow. that is all.

* Laura Ashley lit up my life on Tuesday at the press show for the Spring | Summer 2012 (see my  dedicated to Laura Fashion Friday post).

* Pretty Lovely Paper got a whole lot prettier with the addition of a new banner...new design elements are being added all of the time so make sure you check back often..

* And finally, today I visited the Fabulous Places winter soirée at the Roundhouse in Derby with my boy and it was quite fabulous...gifts, decorations, food, flowers and vintage wares. Perfect pre christmas sunday (which had started with a lovely walk with my pup).

Have a lovely Sunday xx


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{ Fashion Friday } Lovely Laura

header image

Excuse me whilst I get all Spring | Summer on you, but on Tuesday I found myself awash with all things bright and beautiful. Where? Where indeed my friends, at the Press day for the Laura Ashley Spring| Summer Collection in London town.

My-oh-my what a treasure trove of BEAUTIFUL clothes, gorgeous fabric, fabulous homewares and luxury furnishings, as you can imagine, I was in heaven.

My favourite picks are below, THAT maxi is going to be perfect for a March wedding, the cardigan the perfect antidote to femine up my on trend grungey winter wardrobe and dont get me started on the archive print rucksack... wafting around town or country it will fit my Ipad, Iphone and Iwallet (patent that one).

Love, Love, Love.

 Laura Ashely Top Picks

Here are some more pictures for you to devour...You can see how those clever people at Laura Ashley sectioned the areas per collection, collections that have fabulous names for their fashions like Gallery, Farmers Market and Promenade and for the home Glasshouse, Berkeley SquareDarling Buds and Manor Born, the mixture of colour palettes and textures was total eye candy.. (my favourite being Glasshouse (floral potted plant illustration), the perfect mix of masculine and feminine across lots of printed mediums..wallpaper, storage boxes, fabrics, paper goods).

For the little girls bedrooms there were owls, dolls, fabric cats and alphabets letters and for the little boys it was all about the pirate theme (and again alphabet) and some lovin' for the Great British Seaside! (in home and fashions) and what a treat! archive prints... swoooon.

I also got to meet the lovely Kate who is behind their totally addictive new BLOG.. you really get the feeling that they are all one BIG family at the Ashley ranch and I love that, the feel of a small independent company wrapped up in a global fashion force.

Now, im just going to count down the days to the launch...

Have a lovely weekend xx

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{ Just Lovely } Donatella rules at H&M

If like me you have been eagerly awaiting the launch of the Versace collection at H&M you too will be totally disappointed about the lack-of-being-able-to-get-through-on-said-H&M-website.


You never have this problem on Net-a-Porter. See the Fashion Friday post... dedicated to their archive collection.

Off to try again...

Wish me luck..

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{ Just Lovely } Pow Wow!

Oh me, oh my.

Being a HUGE fan of Powell Craft (what I don't know about their nighties ain't worth knowing let me tell you and my dressing gown is one of my most favourite items of clothing) I could not believe my tired little eyes when I saw that they had branched out into greetings cards, yippee! cried my heart and KERCHINNNGG went the cash til (even better they are v. v reasonably priced at £2.75).

Take a look and see what you think...unfortunately you cannot buy online..just through boutiques that stock their lovely wares but I am sure if you contact them they will be more than happy to share their stockist list with you lovely people.


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{ Wedding Paper Parlour } Vintage Designs

Say hello to...

Vintage Designs, The creation of Andrew Bradley and his "trust partner in crime Labrador Alfie"

Andrew has a love of old typography and illustration "my vision is to revive old principles, detailing and style, combining them with modern standards for the best of both worlds."

My absolute favourite of Andrew's designs is the Telegram...

An old telegram inspired invitation "that has all the charm, authenticity and detailing of its period. Just as it would have been special to receive a telegram in years gone by, you can guarantee your recipient will feel the same today."

Totally on the money, I think you will agree.

And here is some more vintage eye candy for you to enjoy...

All of Andrew's designs are digitally printed on luxury card and as well as the ranges featured, there is also a bespoke service.

Very Vintage. Totally Gorgeous.

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{ Type of your Life } Ooh I say..

Simple type, but awesome graphic.

Loves it.

Even if it is a little rude. {SORRY Mum}.

(Sorry I cannot credit this as not sure where I got it from!)



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{ Just Lovely } Grazia

Calling all fashion bloggers!

The super-duper Grazia Daily are hosting a party and its an open invite!

"To coincide with Grazia's Carnaby 20% Shopping Party, this Thursday, 20th November, from 7pm - 9pm Grazia Daily is launching it's first ever "Blog Brag" event, open to all fashion bloggers everywhere! 

On the night, we'll be asking you to give us a (short!) "Blog Brag" telling us why people should visit your blog! We'll be posting your photos, your Blog Brag and a link to your blog on our Grazia UK Facebook page (to share with our nearly 18k+ Fans!). 

And our top ten favourite blogs of the night will have their Blog Brag videos shown on Grazia Daily the next day! "

How fabulous? Read on ...


{Just Lovely} The Clothes Whisperer

I hope you are having a lovely Monday my little darlings..

I wanted to share with you a bit of link love...I just found this lovely post by the Clothes Whisperer about  Hormazd Narielwalla who I featured on Dear Miss Lily... this morning.

Grab a coffee and have a read.

Love, Love, Love.