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{ Postcards to the Boudoir } Really Rather Rifle

Posted by Abbey on Nov 26, 2011

Welcome to the weekend!

I feel like I have been totally windswept through this week and can't believe it is now Saturday (as you read I am comforting my head with a latte and nice brunch having spent a lovely evening in my favourite French restaurant in Derby with a lovely old school friend followed by a spot of dancing).

So what do we have this week? To be honest this Company barely needs an introduction...I first stumbled across them, squealing with delight I may add, at Liberty and I. FELL. IN. LOVE. such an array of beautiful social stationery I had not seen before. EVER.

So beautifully printed, so carefully packaged...a total paper junkies heaven..and then it was like when you buy a new make of car and suddenly you see them everywhere..(I had that feeling when I bought my beloved Mini in 2004, no where then everywhere, but SO in a GOOD way) Once Wed, Martha Stewart of joys my little discovery was not so little afterall.

So who are Rifle Paper Co.?

"Rifle Paper Co. is a boutique stationery brand and design studio based in Winter Park, Florida created by Anna Bond together with her husband Nathan.

Our products feature Anna's whimsical designs which often include hand-painted illustrations and lettering to compose a style that feels both nostalgic and timeless. We specialize in cards, miscellaneous paper goods, invitation templates, children's goods, and art prints. Most of our goods are printed on soft, heavyweight paper stock and our stationery products are coupled with classic pointed shaped envelopes. We take great care in choosing all of our stock and printing methods to ensure our designs come to life in a way that's elegant, durable, and beautiful.

All of our products are currently printed locally in the U.S. using environmentally friendly papers & printing and then assembled by hand by our in-house production team."

Sound gorgeous, non? Well lets have a look-see...

Some of my favourites have to be the designs in the personalised stationery where as the wedding Stationery takes my breath away.. the beautiful illustrations, combined with the stunning typography and luxury papers have to be amongst my all time favourite designs/ designers. I think you will agree. {The full range launches in 2012}.

Love. LOVE. Love.

If you still want to find out more then contact the Fabulous Team.

Design. Paper. Textiles. Pretty. Lovely.


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4 comments on “{ Postcards to the Boudoir } Really Rather Rifle

  1. Sera - I am Magpie on said:

    I love rifle paper co. I shoved the website under the fiancé’s nose for Xmas gifts. I am hoping for some of their little dog cards. They are fab!

    • ha ha!!! like your style lady!! gorgeous aren’t they? i have to admit to being a little obsessed! xx

  2. Eve (For Eve) on said:

    Would love some of their illustrated cards! will have to wait until next year me thinks!

    • go on! treat yourself! have a look on their stockists page so you can see them in the flesh! you will die xx