{ Just Lovely } Pantone™ Pretty

Howdy, {I have been with an American for a few hours, I'm practically native}.

Hope you are having a totally super {final weekend before Christmas} time.

I am. My house is full of boys, girls and dogs.

And wine.

And cheese.

And Christmas pretty {pictures up on Monday}.

But, enough of me... anyway what of that present list of yours? have you still got last minute presents to purrr-chase?

Well if yes, what about these fabulous stocking fillers from those clever people at Pantone... {at Heals}

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{ Just Lovely } Tag your it!

In the shops there are lots of tags for christmas presents. LOTS.

But lots are just not what this girl wants to wrap her presents with. {I will post this weekend what iv done with mine} So I thought I would share my top pick with you and it comes from Not on the High Street..

Gorgeous non?

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{ Just Lovely } It’s a Wrap!

I adore this wrap from Paperchase.

Vibrant pinks, purples, oranges, reds and blues in a vintave stamp design.

And at 3 metres length perfect for a few presents {paperchase are also offering 3 for 2 on all wrap}.

Design. Paper. Textiles. Pretty. Lovely.

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{ Just Lovely } Winter Window Shopping

{This week is ALL about Christmas, normal posts will resume on 2nd Jan 2012}.

I love shopping.


But second best to shopping, for me, is window shopping.

Oh the design, creativity and planning that goes into creating these transient {or installations} pieces of fashion art, I adore.

From luxury Winter wonderlands and Narnia inspired sets to Anthropologie style craft layouts..I know that essentially its a clever bit of marketing, but I am powerless to resist! So dear friend, I bring to you the BEST London eye candy for the Winter season.


Which one is your favourite?

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{ Type of your Life } Jessica Hische

Good morning.

This a mini blog post today, a blog-let if you will, as I really want {need} to do a proper GROWN UP interview with Jessica, but couldn't have you paper hungry punters go another day without knowing about this lady and her gorgeous designs.

My super wonderful boy-f  bought two of Jessica's designs from the Daily drop cap project for me back in March and thats when my love affair began. We had them mounted at a local picture frames in dark wood frames and they sit in my studio...have a look and see what you think...I LOVE.

Jessica, as well as being a wonderful illustrator / typographer/ all round wonder woman also runs a trés interesting blog, full of snippets, like her recent article on inspiration and imitation {a subject very dear to my little ol' heart as I had my entire business, brand and designs ripped by an over zealous former sugalily employee this year} but enough of  my going on, you can read the full article here .

There is so much more to say about this little lady but it can wait, for now just go check out Jessica's shop.

Design. Paper. Textiles. Pretty. Lovely.


{ Just Lovely} My top picks of the best-est Christmas crackers

Wow that is a long title for such a short post.

But hey to the ho {or ho-ho-ho}, I just wanted to share my favourite Christmas crackers...

*For cheap {but still chic}a bit of vintage styleee from the Dot Com Giftshop.

*For fair to middling a bit of rainbow love from Not on the High Street.

*For more cash than dash the luxury {designers choice} from Present and Correct. 

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{ Just Lovely } Beautiful Baubles

Truly inspired.

Well actually totally inspired by the V&A's QUILTS exhibition from 2010.

Gorgeous, non? read how to make these beauties for yourself...


Check out the guardians Guide to baubles. {my favourite are the globes}

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{ Just Lovely } My Top Three Christmas Card Designs. Innit.

I adore these Christmas cards.

Simply LOVE. 

They are all v.v different but thats what I love. A bit of a mix.

{Courtesy of the fashion style illustrations of Soul water, the design led laser cut gorgeousness of Cutture and the vintage style illustrations of Thornback and Peel.}

Design. Paper. Textiles. Pretty. Lovely.



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{ Fashion Friday } Little Doodles Day

So its Friday.

Its 9 am.

And I am going to reveal a little obsession...Little Doodles.

So not strictly fashion, {but keeping with the season}...this super talented illustrator has more than a finger dipped in the world of fashion...I am closely following the "Days of Christmas".

What an impressive portfolio, non?

But it doesn't end there, that was just a taster, you can view Kate's portfolio online and see the oh so cool Fashion Zoo ,the Little doodles greetings cards and much more.

Kate also curates all the eye candy over on I, Bejeweled.

You can contact Kate here.

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{Just Lovely} Design Downloads

I absolutely LOVE the idea of sharing designs {For Free} so much so over on Sugalily I put up downloadable Halloween Invitations...but for this festive season I am loving Wee birdy's Christmas tags  {preview below}..

and those fabulous girls at Dashing Mag's Christmas Card {preview below}..


For all you crafty peeps.

Get crafty.

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{ Wedding Paper Parlour } Phancy Phylecia

Good morning! as you read this I am whizzing down to London, think of me, its an early one there and late one back.

Onto business..

Well my love affair with this independent designer started 2 months ago when my lovely boy bought me this . see it sitting prettily on my desk here.

All you need is love.

So true. But a good blow dry, manicure and shopping trip or two, cocktails, puppy cuddles {think you get the idea} certainly help too.

But enough of my habits..and back to Phylecia. So I got this lovely card and fell in LOVE. as you will know by now I am hopelessly addicted to letterpress printing, and love finding new companies {or not so new but new to me}. So I got straight on the case for finding out more about this talented lady.

"We are a small letterpress boutique based in Otley, West Yorkshire.

 I Come from a career in Public Relations and Social Media, so a move to the 'creative side', especially with old-fashioned printing, seemed a step back in time, but that's exactly what drew me in.

Taking a few graphic design courses at university sparked my love for typography and design. That, combined with a long-time love of all things paperie, has slowly guided me down my path today."

So lets have a look at this move to the creative side...{these images are hot of the press as it were! and have not yet been featured on any other blog, exciting!}..

Pretty gorgeous? I adore the Cameo.

What is so brilliant about this design house is although a bespoke {small} studio, they design and print in house {I die of jealousy} this is what Phylecia has to say..

"I love everything about letterpress: from the luxurious cotton papers to the sound of the gears on my old Victorian press.{swoon}.

There are people who speak of the good ole days when things were made "properly" and to a high-quality standard. Printing is no different.

In our studio we combine old-fashioned printing with contemporary design and the results are exquisite."

Indeed, what's not to love?

Whether you are looking for something traditional, classy, vintage, modern or quirky, invitations designed and produced in house by a small team then this is your gal.

Also on offer from this talented design studio is bespoke design and printing services for all other occasions. Cards, stationery and other paper goods {available through their shop}

You can also follow Phylecia's adventures on her blog.

And I am just hoping for more {via the boy} from Phylecia.

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{ Type of your life} Not just any old rubbish

Ok, so I told you yesterday, that this weeks posts will be brief, as tomorrow is literally one of the biggest days. of. my. life {work wise that is} but, alas I cannot let you down completely...so feast your eyes on this little baby.

It may not be the finest example of typography, but I admit to being a little taken by it..the 3 may be a couple of points larger than the 4, the dimensions be a little shaky, but none-the-less...this was on a bin, a bin? yes! a black wheelie bin.


Design. Paper. Textiles. Pretty. Lovely.