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{ Type of your life} Not just any old rubbish

Posted by Abbey on Dec 6, 2011

Ok, so I told you yesterday, that this weeks posts will be brief, as tomorrow is literally one of the biggest days. of. my. life {work wise that is} but, alas I cannot let you down feast your eyes on this little baby.

It may not be the finest example of typography, but I admit to being a little taken by it..the 3 may be a couple of points larger than the 4, the dimensions be a little shaky, but none-the-less...this was on a bin, a bin? yes! a black wheelie bin.


Design. Paper. Textiles. Pretty. Lovely.





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2 comments on “{ Type of your life} Not just any old rubbish

  1. Maeve Lewis (Love Maeve) on said:

    This made me smile, great that someone would go to so much trouble! x