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{Just Lovely} Sloane Da’ling

Posted by Abbey on Jan 27, 2012

*I make no apology for the love-in that is this blog post*

I had the great pleasure of meeting the über glam Nathalie of the fabulous Sloane Stationery a couple of weeks ago {Think India Hicks meets Karen Brady} and I fell in love, with her, her brand and her ideas..

Launching the brand in 2010, Nathalie started a new chapter in her {totally stylish} life, with the launch of Sloane Stationery, a line of handmade books and photo albums.

The idea behind Sloane Stationery is to support English craftsmen {love that concept like way way too much}, at the same time offering affordable luxury with a modern twist.

"The focus of the business lies on quality and style ‐‐ Sloane Stationery takes great pride in the production of each piece; the quality of the materials being a constant preoccupation. The craftsmen and women who manufacture Sloane Stationery items have years of experience and training."

And the end result is truly beautiful..So take a look at the ranges, My favourite is the London Mover oh so gorgeous linen covered note books, available in a rainbow of colours and you can order on line or see them in person at one of many stores Sloane is stocked in..

Perfect gifts for wedding parties these little gems can be personalised..

And finally, how I love the website its like Daily Candy meets Not on the High Street with a pinch of Vogue.

How very Sloane.

AML xx


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