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{Just Lovely} How to typeset a poster

Posted by Abbey on Mar 22, 2012

How fabulous is this visual how-to?

You can view the series here...on Imprint.

As Imprint say

"Bowne & Co., Stationers at the South Street Seaport Museum in New York frequently produces beautiful letterpress keepsakes. This one from 1989, "Nineteenth Century Job Printing Display - The Poster" is a delightful little guide to the dos and don'ts. Using their enviable stock of metal types, 200 copies were printed on a Vandercook Universal I. the text was adapted from "The Letter-Preess Printer: A Complete Guide to the Art of Printing; Containing Practical Instructions for Learners at Case, Press and Machine" (London, 1881)."

Enjoy. AML xx

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