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{Just Lovely} Paris Part One

Posted by Abbey on Mar 20, 2012

Good morning and Happy Tuesday.

Why so cheerful say you? not sure really...maybe just because the sun is shining? or could it be memories of Paris are still only a few weeks old and i can still taste the coffee, croissants, cheese, champagne {anything else beginning with c?} So without further ado Paris Part One...and it is dedicated entirely to MERCI {bear with the site, the link wasn't working earlier today}.

Welcome to MERCI, a store which is lovely, lovable and loving, dreamed up by Marie-France and Bernard Cohen (who created, and later sold, Bonpoint) on Boulevard Beaumarchais, it is probably the perfect one-stop shop. It’s located in a majestic, sun-lit loft where you can browse from room to room just like in a real house, all artfully displayed amidst the sundrenched interlinking loft-style spaces..

Stop and look through an old-fashioned trunk spilling over with beautiful creations and finally find that little dress nobody else has yet to wear! Not forgetting to buy a tiny bunch of roses at the flower shop or cuddle up on a sofa in the book corner as you check out the latest literary sensation and sip a well-earned {homemade with mint} lemonade.

Before we sat down to a gorgeous lunch {mushroom and onion tartlet with rocket} my basket was already crammed with beautiful old-school notepads, stripy tea towels, a Bowie tour vest, pencil sharpeners, and a handbag-size scent-BLISS by Annick Goutal (the late sister of Marie-France Cohen). I left with a long list in my head for next time - perfect plates (plain white china with a silver rim), a desk, bedlinen. Maybe what I really want is a flat in Paris? Everything feels one of a kind (even when it’s not), service is with a smile, and I could easily have whiled away the entire day between the bookstore and the café.

Annick Goutal’s legendary perfumes are sold here in simple glass bottles, not the usual ornate flasks. Bring your own bottle for refills of your favourite (40 per cent off) scent.

Some pieces are vintage, some spanking new, but all are donated by designers (Stella McCartney, Isabel Marant ), willing to wave their profits for Merci’s commerce -fuelled causes. So, there are bargains aplenty, plus the happy karmic knowledge that Merci donates 100 per cent of its profits to charity. (Girls’ education in Madagascar is Madame Cohen’s labour of love).

Look out for the pieces exclusive to Merci, such as the iconic YSL safari jacket, reissued here in khaki and white - and specially selected vintage treasures.

So a heavenly place with a philanthropic vocation? so I can shop and leave the store feeling good knowing i have done good…perfect.

MERCI, 111 Boulevard Beaumarchais - 3rd
Tel : 00 33 1 42 77 00 33
Open daily Monday to Saturday 10am-8pm
Metro Saint Sébastien Froissard 

Have you been to Merci? Let me know if you loved it too.

AML xx

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