{Just Lovely} Darling Topshop

Love, Love, Love the new Topshop Catalogue.

Unfinished stock, dreamy pastels and gorgeous typography and I rather love all of the clothes too.

Winning {in the words of the Sheen}.

Check out all the latest booty on Topshop online.

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{Just Lovely} Alice and John

Oh hello.

I really have no other words until September.

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{Just Lovely} Two Pipe Problem

I had the absolute pleasure to meet the extremely dapper chappies behind a Two Pipe Problem a couple of weeks ago and thought you would love to meet them too.

I first stumbled across their work at Liberty and was very excited to see that there were based in the UK {I adore Liberty as you know, but they do stock an enormous amount of non UK sourced paper pretty}.

Anyway, I digress..

Check out there lovely website...they even do workshops {yes you guessed it, im booking on it!} talking about their studio, workshops, stockists, bespoke, shop and of course get in contact.

This is just a snippet of what I saw...love.

AML xx



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{Lessons in Design} Screen Printing

I did it! and its brilliant!

WHAT? i hear you mumble...


and its brilliant!

It’s hard to think of a more iconic or visually boom-in-your-face craft than screenprinting, which has maintained a steady air of cool since its "pop"ularisation by 60s pop-art greats Warhol, Lichtenstein and Rauschenberg.

Writing about his Marilyn Monroe prints, Warhol said “...you get the same image, slightly different each time. It was all so simple quick and chancy. I was thrilled with it". This sense of thrill is the appeal for many screenprint artists...

Great, but where did it all begin?

Derived from stencilling, screenprinting originated in China in the 900s. The technique made its way to Western Europe in the 18th century but was not commonly used until the wider availability of silk mesh from the East. In England, screenprinting was patented in 1907 as a technique for producing fine silk and linen wallpaper. In 1910 printers experimented with creating stencils from photo-sensitive chemicals to develop a more industrial process. Although screenprinting was used by artists long before the 1900s, the term “Serigraphy” emerged in the 1930s to differentiate the artistic application from its commercial use.

Writing about his Marilyn Monroe prints, Warhol said “...you get the same image, slightly different each time. It was all so simple quick and chancy. I was thrilled with it". This sense of thrill is the appeal for many screenprint artists.

There's something very satisfying about every stage of screen printing from the design, to the deciding of colours, the mixing of inks and that feeling of excitement when you pull the first print and take a peek - I imagine it never gets boring. It's so satisfying, and at the risk of sounding overly romantic, it's a magical process.

So what did we get upto, take a look...

Brilliant hey? I just loved every minute of it.

The final few images are just a few of the many examples of gorgeous print work in the studio...

So how can you get involved?

Visit Print Club and say I sent you!

AML xx




{Just Lovely} Niki Pilkington

Ok, so you know I visited Pick Me Up last weekend?

Well I had a few favourites, and one of them was the fabulous Niki Pilkington.

Dreamy, Surreal and absolutely Beautiful, I am hooked.

Softly illustrated in a fashion style with hand finished pretty and whimsical words.


{Excuse the quality of the pics!}


AML xx

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{Just Lovely} PaperClip

Loving this fabric covered clip from Paperchase. xx

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{Just Lovely} Happy Easter!

{Image courtesy of Mollie Makes}


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{Just Lovely} Print Club Inspiration

A bit of lunchtime inspiration?

Loving this post from Print Club London..


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{Paper Honey} Girl of all Work

Good morning!

Well, I can't change the weather but I can bring you a rather fabulous little find...Girl of all Work. With a gorgeous website that allows you to shop by collection or category {love that}

Original cards, address books, journal and pads and my favoutire page flags {i find these invaluable}

You can also check out the blog here.

AML xx

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{Just Lovely} Anthropologie

Oh Anthropologie, how I love you so.

Fashion, jewellery, homewares, books, toiletries and so on and so on.

Here is a bit of snapshot into my visit to the Kings Road store at the weekend {a little showcase of my favourites to follow in the next couple of weeks}.

I LOVE the eclectic mix, the brilliant assistants, the aspirational, lofty spaces even the packaging and the bags and of course, the typography.

Enjoy, AML xx

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{Just Lovely} Paris Part Three

So the final part of my little Parisian Adventure is dedicated to beautiful Montmartre and its beautiful array of typography.

We visited Montmartre on the last day of our trip and it did not disappoint. The sun shone brightly, the wine flowed and we enjoyed Montmartre at its absolute best.

The beautiful typography ranges from the 1920's to modern day, but using old techniques and styles. Hello Handsome.


AML xx

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{Just Lovely} Pick Me Up London

Happy Monday!

Ok, so Saturday was Exhibition Day.

Not one, but two very different, very brilliant Exhibitions did we go to.

First up, Scott's Last Expedition which was really, really interesting and very emotional, we spent a lovely couple of hours mosey-ing around learning more about those brave men {my boy has a close family connection} and then went to see the Dinosaurs and Grizzly Bears. Note: There were one too many children there for my liking, but it was a Saturday, avoid this day if you have a similar intolerance.

And then following a lovely lunch at Muriel's Kitchen, we headed over to Somerset House, to the much applauded Pick Me Up  The UK’s first annual contemporary graphic art fair, showcasing the best new work from around the UK and the world with original works and prints available to purchase from just £10 and a multitude of events and workshops to take part in.

It. Was. Awesome. 

I had a few favourites {to come in dedicated posts to the fabulous designers}, I also got to meet Print Club London {Very excited about taking part in one of their workshops this month} and have a good old geek out.

If you didn't get to go this year, I strongly recommend a visit next.

AML xx

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