{Wedding Paper Parlour} Just Peachy Tags

I just adore these tags.

The pale peachy pink and hint of blue and green topped off with silk cord is just perfect.

The perfect travel tag.


{I have no link or photo credit for this image but if you know the source of this image/ photographer please let me know}



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{Just Lovely} Wedding Wednesday

Tomorrow we bring a whole new meaning to Wedding Wednesday.

A bit of work talk and then, hello cocktails.

{Picture Left to Right Lucy Ledger, Kat Williams, Moi and Debbie Carlisle}.

Love you ladies xx

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{Just Lovely} Paper Drawers

Good evening all, today is a little random posting.

...In my studio {and indeed they have done a little bit of travelling as there have been three in the last 5 years}...I have always liked lots of space for flat paper {upto a1 size} and my white Ikea drawers fit the bill perfectly...a couple of years ago I pimped them up a little bit using good ol' Laura Ashley handles and can you believe that for the last couple of years I didn't put washers on the back? it was sooo difficult to do a little bit of turning to stop the oh-so irritating-door-handle-in-the-palm-of-my-hand-scenario that I had going on.

Lesson learnt...thou shalt always fix washers when fitting handles {or any other item {until the end of time} that needs washers}.




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Clerkenwell Design Week

It would appear I may possibly be the only person to not be going to the fabulous Clerkenwell Design Week....

I was ok about that, until I received the following email from Turnbull and Grey..

"As part of Clerkenwell Design Week we're running a giant letterpress scrabble wall in Milliken's showroom, we'll be there on Tuesday 22 May. Drop by from 1pm and take part in our giant scrabble game. Pick your letterpress blocks, make a word, print the tiles and add them to the wall!

Milliken are based on Berry Street, all details for our workshop and all other events can be found on the Clerkenwell Design Week website. 




Jealous, moi?

Too right.

AML xx

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{Just Lovely} Lydia Leith

I totally love Lydia Leith.

You want a bit of quirkiness. You gottit.

From the designer of the the Royal Sick Bag {Genius} comes a whole stable of brilliant design led bits and bobs.

Take a look see.

Enjoy, AML xx

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{Wedding Paper Parlour} Iris Art Designs

These days I am beyond short on time, but my darlings I still have time to share pretty with you, even if my accompanying words are a little brief.

So without further ado...say ola to Iris Art Designs... 

I am totally in love with their Jubilee Design.

Enjoy, AML xx

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{Just Lovely} My bank holiday weekend

Afternoon folks!

Its been a lovely long weekend and this is what I have mostly been upto..

Tears, tantrums and tiara's {well a bit of sparkle} could totally sum it up.

Elton would be so proud.

Hope you have had a good one.

Love AML xx

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{Wedding Paper Parlour} Lucy Sheeran

Afternoon lovelies,

I bring you a little bit of local {to me} pretty...in the shape of Lucy Sheeran..

Lucy designs fresh and modern illustrated social stationery, invitations, prints and pictures as well as lots of gorgeous commissions all digitally printed...

Lucy also designs bespoke and off the wedding stationery, from invitations {including the cutest maps}all the way through to the entire on the day package including signs, table plans and thank you cards.

I am a little bit in love with the highly talented simplicity of Lucy's collections..


AML xx


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{Just Lovely} Colour Pop to brighten a miserable day

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{Type of your Life} Sans Serif Pretty

How much I adore this sans serif font is really hard to explain.

I {think} love it more than babybel.

Beautiful huh?

So what is a Sans Serif font? {Pronounced SAN-SERR-if}

This is an easy one {totally is what it says it is} this font family are typefaces that do not use Serifs {small lines at the ends of each character}.

The most commonly used Sans Serif fonts include Helvetica, Arial, Avant Garde and Geneva. {Serif fonts that you may use {unknowingly} include Times Roman, Courier, New Century Schoolbook, and Palatino.}

Sans Serif fonts are a little more difficult to read and interpret than the traditional Serif fonts so for this reason {amongst any others including design preference} they are used most often for short text layouts..like a headlines, title or caption {as illustrated beautifully for us in the picture shown}.

What's your favourite Sans Serif?

AML xx