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{Just Lovely} Paper Drawers

Posted by Abbey on May 21, 2012

Good evening all, today is a little random posting.

...In my studio {and indeed they have done a little bit of travelling as there have been three in the last 5 years}...I have always liked lots of space for flat paper {upto a1 size} and my white Ikea drawers fit the bill perfectly...a couple of years ago I pimped them up a little bit using good ol' Laura Ashley handles and can you believe that for the last couple of years I didn't put washers on the back? it was sooo difficult to do a little bit of turning to stop the oh-so irritating-door-handle-in-the-palm-of-my-hand-scenario that I had going on.

Lesson learnt...thou shalt always fix washers when fitting handles {or any other item {until the end of time} that needs washers}.




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One comment on “{Just Lovely} Paper Drawers

  1. Sarah - The Wedding Invitation Boutique on said:

    I just looove paper drawers too, I love yor idea to pretty them up, gonna et me some fancy handles too :0)