Snow and Graham

Good morning!

I hope you are all feeling well, but in case you are not and want to cheer yourself up with a bit of paper pretty then say ola to Snow and Graham's perfect poorly cheer letterpress card..

I actually bought this for someone..and kept it..too cute.

Love xx

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Rosie Wonders

Good morning all!

A bit of bright and gorgeous pretty to start of the week.

Say hello to the whimsical and wonderful Rosie Wonders...

What reminded me that I must do a feature on Rosie was seeing these little beauties in Liberty...

What a lovely and original idea.

I'm a Tuesday's child...

I have a been a big fan for some years now, as we exhibit at a couple of the same shows... but I had no idea that the brand had become so big and fabulous... greetings cards, wrapping paper, jewellery, prints and now lots of gorgeous wedding pretty...

Make sure you check out Rosie's beautiful designs if you are looking for something individual and inspired.

Love xx

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