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Print Making Porn

Posted by Abbey on Sep 27, 2012

If, like moi, you are you always wanting to learn more about processes when it comes to print of the non digital variety then this little gem Printmaking: A Complete Guide to Materials and Processes by Bill Fick and Beth Grabowski {total experts} may be for you...

This is what they say...

This book is a practical and comprehensive guide to seven printmaking techniques and is an absolute must for both the novice and more experienced printmaker.

Featuring chapters on Relief, Intaglio, Collograph, Lithography, Screen Printing, Monoprint, and Mixed Media, each discipline is thoroughly explored from the development of the printing matrix, the practicalities of setting up the press and inks, through to the drawing of the print. Featuring clear step-by-step illustrations and photographs, as well as interviews with today's top, contemporary artists in the field - essentially this is the printmaker's bible!

Joint authors, Beth Grabowski and Bill Fick, have created a wonderful encyclopedia of knowledge, tips, advice and inspiration that is useful, informative, and pleasing to the eye. 

I whole heartedly agree.

I always judge a book by its cover.

Love xx

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