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How I organise myself

Posted by Abbey on May 27, 2013

Good morning folks!

Well there is no real science behind being a little organised, you just need to invest a leetle bit of your hard earned spare time in it, and get a system in place that works for you...

Example A above is how I work - I love a good list {and clipboard} and totally subscribe to the writing-everything-down way of thinking {I totally get the paperless office - but it ain't ever going to happen in Atelier Warner}.

I also have a diary, wallplanner, client folders, admin folders and lots of sub folders - I'm such a tease - so there are lots of cross-pollination of to-do tasks - basically to make sure they get done - hell thats the whole point isn't it?

Anyway have to go - my to-do tell's me I should have been on a client call 35 seconds ago.

Love xo

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