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Processes and stuff..

Posted by Abbey on Jul 2, 2013

So I had an interesting conversation last week with someone, {well I actually had lots of interesting conversations with lots of people last week but at the risk of inducing some kind of mild hysteria in you, dear friend, I won't go *there*}... the particular conversation in question was about print, and more precisely - specialist print finishing within wedding stationery design and I don't mind sharing with you that I was more than a little surprised, nay shocked, that people who don't know there letterpress from their litho, or arse from there elbow as my grandad would have said, were dabbling in said specialist print finish with the end result that they, the client and the printer were at their wits end {time to end the sentence now. and breathe}.

It kind of got me thinking that if the people offering the service don't know what they are ruddy offering then do people* even know what one is going about? probsy not at best guess and 100% absolutely not if I was being super critical - so I am going to do a little guide of the processes I use on my site and include pics of the artwork so its super duper clear what the hell I am going about. This is something I intended to do when I relaunched my little ol' site and somewhere along its merry way, it got lost - well its now found and home with its feet up wondering where all the cheese has got to.

Have a good 'un.

Much love xo

*clients, suppliers, stockists and grizzly bears.


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