Get your gold bling bunting ‘ere

Are we mentioning the C word yet?

Too early? well not according to Selfridges and Harrods - but anyway the C word I am talking about {today anyway} is longer than four letters and is all about a jolly fat man, oh and a little baby that changed the world, or something like that.

Anyway were getting a bit deep for a Thursday night and bed is calling - so anyway, I gone and done an AW take on a little bunting and I think you may like.

Love xo

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6 days left – you in?

Then why the hell not?

Check out the deets xo

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It’s nearly Bank Holiday

Thank the little baby Jesus.
What a week.
This weekends plans include dinner with the boy, catching up on Admin and little else. xo

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I totally heart my clients

I swear I have THE. BEST. CLIENTS.

Not only do they mostly enjoy a glass of the pink stuff as much as I do but they send fabulous emails, pictures and gifts.

Love this picture taken of some AW booty on a clients noticeboard that the lovely lady herself posted on instagram yesterday.

Makes me smile xo

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Press, pencils and pretty

Last week was all-kinds-of-crazy-for-lots-of-crazy-ass reasons.

But here are just a few of the pretty paper bits and bobs to fly out of the studio, as well as a little bit of press in Brides Magazine. FTW.

Have a great week friends xo

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Oh Baby

I spent an overcast Saturday in August styling all things on-trend-baby for one of my friends Baby Shower.

What do you think? I have a bit of a formula going on - paper poms, straws and pop. Well if it ain't broke - don't fix it.

Now I love a pastel colour scheme as much as/ more than most but what ratio do you give of each colour when the baby's sex isn't known? shrieks of "do you know something we don't" rang out from Aunty Irene on seeing the gorgeous pink cake {designed and created by Foxy Brown Cakes} and the pink lemonade - did that have hidden meaning? nah - I just LOVE it!

Anyway hope you like what we did for the Yummy Mummy - roll on September! xo


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Why Not?

Happy Friday!

Last weekend we decamped to the hills of Derbyshire for the rather fabulous YNOT festival.

And what a gorgeous time we had – the weather started off incredibly promising on the Friday but in traditional festival summer stylee by the evening it was raining cats and dogs – of course! but I was totally prepared for all weather and quickly donned by new Hunter wellies to head back out for festivities!

The weather was oh-so awful on the first night that the fabulous Mystery Jets had to leave the main stage – weather drama in them there Derbyshire hills!

There were so many highlights… from discovering waffles {yes! really!} with the gorgeous Bournville Waffle Company and that I really don’t like cider to seeing a couple of great new up and coming bands including Pylo and I am in Love to one of my all time favourites Ash and the great The Darkness {who I last saw when the supported Robbie Williams at Knebworth in 2003. WOW that makes me feel old}. The line up really was a great indie mix of old and new with plenty of anthems to get the crowd forgetting all about the weather {albeit temporarily}.

I also have to say having been to many a festival the toilet at YNOT really are ruddy amazing. Not only are they clean but there is toilet roll… at a festival… I know, right? crazy.

Love xo

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From around the house…

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Stop press... new designs launching in the Autumn include these little buggers which are currently making their way to the smoke for a shoot with Red Magazine. Fancy xo

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