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Why Not?

Posted by Abbey on Aug 9, 2013

Happy Friday!

Last weekend we decamped to the hills of Derbyshire for the rather fabulous YNOT festival.

And what a gorgeous time we had – the weather started off incredibly promising on the Friday but in traditional festival summer stylee by the evening it was raining cats and dogs – of course! but I was totally prepared for all weather and quickly donned by new Hunter wellies to head back out for festivities!

The weather was oh-so awful on the first night that the fabulous Mystery Jets had to leave the main stage – weather drama in them there Derbyshire hills!

There were so many highlights… from discovering waffles {yes! really!} with the gorgeous Bournville Waffle Company and that I really don’t like cider to seeing a couple of great new up and coming bands including Pylo and I am in Love to one of my all time favourites Ash and the great The Darkness {who I last saw when the supported Robbie Williams at Knebworth in 2003. WOW that makes me feel old}. The line up really was a great indie mix of old and new with plenty of anthems to get the crowd forgetting all about the weather {albeit temporarily}.

I also have to say having been to many a festival the toilet at YNOT really are ruddy amazing. Not only are they clean but there is toilet roll… at a festival… I know, right? crazy.

Love xo

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