Happy Halloween!

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Face it Girlfriend, Christmas is getting close, we can no longer say it with a sense of irony - so get yourself organised with some Abigail Warner paper pretty on Not on the High Street.

Love and that xo

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The Raven of Nonsuch

I am more than a little obsessed with a shoot I was asked to be involved with over the summer.

No words needed - Here is the full edit on the The Raven of Nonsuch">Gooch and Gawler blog.

Love xo

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AW pretty in Paperchase

I was up in beautiful Glasgow at the weekend and popped by their lovely big Paperchase and spotted some AW designs - I will never get tired of seeing my designs in stores.

El saddo xo

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A Lesson in White Interiors

I love me a blank canvas of a room, a room that can be changed as quickly as you can say "interior inspiration" by the soft furnishings, art and furniture.

Wallpapering, right now {I am a HUGE wallpaper fan but when renting I don't feel that wallpaper is worth the investment} feels like way too much of a commitment.

Think i'm wrong, nay a little dull even? take a quick look at a house I visited last week - which, last time I was there looked totally different - the colour pops of neon totally made it for me xo

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Lovely Liverpool

Morning Folks,

I spent a lovely weekend in Liverpool with the boy's family.

Which, luckily, also included time for some shopping, eating out and some much needed bubbles.

Cheers! xo

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Moira Ink

Super duper excited about a sweet collaboration for my Pop Up Shop with the fabulous Jenny from Moira Ink - products available soon xo

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Is it the Weekend?

Unfortunately not, Dear Heart.
so why for the love of god are you confusing us by blogging on a day other than Friday? I hear you cry.
Oh well - guess i'm just a tease like that - but I'm in London tomorrow doing all kinds of fabulous things and I am not at work on Friday, that OK?
So this week has all been about a 6 page spread in Brides {eeek!}, playing with my wrapping paper, dreaming about bed, being in bed, going out for lovely dinners and designing pretty for my lovely clients.
And they call this work? I call it bloody awesome.
See's ya next week. xo

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A bit of a Grey Week

It's Friday.
We have weekend house guests, again.
I will console myself with all of the pretty I am working on at the moment.
And this is a little of what I got upto this week.
Big Love xo

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Pop Up Print Shop on 16th November…

Hello Monday,

And welcome to a lovely new week, I do hope you have lots of lovely plans, if not I hope you have lots of lovely wine in your fridge and if not then it's probably not going to be a lovely week at all, but hey, no matter, as I my little-paper-loving-friend have some news to share with you...

Remember back in the summer I hosted a couple of Pop Up Print Shops {and at Folly}, well I had such a bloody ball that I promised myself as soon as absolutely possible I would do some more... Take a look at what we go up to in the Summer...

Gorgeous video by Lara Elliott.

Well, I am back and what's more I have invited a couple of paper-and-print-type friends to join me...

So first up, the gorgeous By Phylecia is going to be co-hosting a Letterpress-And-Lino-Print-Love-In with me on Saturday 16th November.

Like the sound of that? naturally, it's going to be a little bit special. You will spend a little bit of time with moi, learning a little bit about lino printing, cutting stencils and playing around with block printing techniques before trying your new skills to create your very own canvas tote bag and with Phylecia you will learn about the art of letterpress with moveable type before making your very own set of letterpress cards with a pre-prepared {totally channelling Blue Peter so you get the most from your session} plate on an Adana press.

What do you need to bring? Absolutely nothing, just your pretty self. Unless you like to wear expensive clothes - then maybe bring your favourite apron {or swap your Jacobs for Jaeger - don't worry, I won't tell anyone}. But seriously we do use inks so sleeves that roll up are a must and family heirlooms should be avoided.

Do I need a design? We will have some template designs for you to choose from and for the lino print and stencils you will have the opportunity to create a design of your very own. If you want to be super prepared then prep a design at home, but remember block shapes with little or no detail work best, especially if it is your first time.

Where is the Pop Up Shop? You will be able to find us at the super-wonderful Ink and Thread in Derby's cathedral quarter.

You in? cool, book your spot below*

*Sorry lovelies I can't reserve any spaces until you make your pretty little minds up if you can make it or not - we only have limited spaces, time is short and time is money so you are either in or out.

A little bit of Small Print...

- Once your space is booked it is non refundable and non transferrable.

- If you could arrive 5 minutes before your session starts - that would be super.

- Each session lasts for two hours.

- There are no rest rooms for customers at Ink and Thread - but there are lots of lovely cafés nearby on the Strand and Sadler Gate.

- Ink & Thread can be found at 28 The Strand, Derby DE1 1BE and it is walkable from the train or bus station or is less than £5 in cab {unless you get a dodgy cabbie who takes you round the houses}, weirdly the cabs in Derby are yellow - don't get confused and think you're in NY. If travelling by car - the nearest car park is Bold Lane it ain't cheap but professes to be the safest car park in the world, or something like that.

And finally, I will be posting about this separately but I am also hosting a Pop Up at Folly on Tuesday 26th November too.

Love xo

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A peach of a week…

Well what a week it has been.

A very peachy pink week, if one may be so bold as to blow one's own trumpet.

*Goes and blows trumpet very loudly*

Have a gorgeous weekend.

Love xo

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