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Ibiza Wedding Stationery

Posted by Abbey on Apr 23, 2014

Destination weddings tick all of my boxes. The bride and groom are usually not adverse to a bit of experimentation and are typically really into making their invitations absolutely rock, with a capital K.

I recently worked with an oh-so gorgeous couple on gorgeous Save the Date cards and Wedding stationery for their Atzaro Ibiza wedding. And my-oh-my we came up with a sweet piece of pie. A bold and bright bright Mediterranean colour palette combined with contemporary design and gorgeous print finishing topped off with contrasting lined envelopes. I cannot wait to start the on the day element design.

Did you know that half of my clients are having destination weddings? No I didn't either 'til I sat and tallied it up - so if you knew already, are you stalking me? joke. no seriously? ha - gottya. this joke could get very old, very quickly - anyhow whether your stalking me or just interested in my work - take a look at more of my rather splendid wedding stationery designs on my site, Abigail Warner.

Peace and Love xo

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