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Ibiza Wedding Style

Posted by Abbey on Apr 23, 2014

This is a mixture of three Ibizan weddings from the last couple of years that all carried a similar aesethic. Pale pales and bright brights with smatterings of glitter and glamour and is it just a coincidence that all of my Ibizan clients are just so darn beautiful? maybe so but just wow at how gorgeous the brides are and how handsome the grooms are.

So I recently realised that that half of my clients are having destination weddings... Ibiza, Paris, Italy, Seychelles - but mostly Ibiza, so I gotta thinking that this my friend is a niché? no? am I wrong? a little presumptuous maybe? Well I think not, so this little lady has just booked her self a little trip to the white isle to see what all the fuss is about, whilst I jet off, why don't you take a look at more of my rather splendid wedding stationery designs on my site, Abigail Warner.

Love and peace xo

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