Stop And Smell The Roses

Life is flying by.

Summer is officially here and i'm feeling all kinds of crazy and chaos.

Happy clients, pretty cool projects and a full inbox.

#noimnotstressed #passthevodka

A xo

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One Marylebone

We were SO excited to announce that our Paperfest is being held at One Marylebone, London's premier fancy pants venue for super duper Weddings.


ONE MONTH TODAY! no pressure! xo

Pictures of last years Paperfest by the wonderful Lisa Jane Photography, Picture of One Marylebone by the lovely Caught The Light.

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It’s My Party & I’ll Cry If I Want To

I didn't of course.

But I could easily have done 'cause I was so ruddy proud of my team and extended team of suppliers.

So I got merry instead which is infinitely better than crying although both activities leave you with a fuzzy head, feeling sorry for yourself.


Can't wait to see the official pics.

Love xo

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A Super Sunny Week

Doesn't the sun make everyone happy?

Well it certainly does moi.

Happy days xo

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Inky Fun Calligraphy Workshop

I hosted my first Calligraphy Workshop with the lovely Imogen Owen at Ink and Thread at the weekend.

We had a ball.

Well to be more precise we had a lot of inky fun.

Can't wait to run another in the Autumn.

Love xo

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Papergirls Rocked The V&A

Amen to that.

So much so they have asked us to return in October.

Tickets on sale soon xo

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I Never Promised You A Rose Garden

But I did promise myself I wouldn't let another plant/ bush/ floral thing die at my hands.

As much, as you know, a huge fan of the cut flower, I am awful at keeping the darn things alive in my garden. Alas my green fingered luck has turned a sweet little corner and I, for the second year running can offer you white roses.

I literally squeal with delight when I see another little bud blossoming, in the back of my mind pondering how such a miracle occurred with little tendering - but lots of optimism - and so there goes another life lesson.

Easily pleased as my Father would've said.

A xo

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Papergirls Rock the V&A


So listen, did I tell you? it's our first SELL-OUT Fabulous in Business workshop at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Yes, you heard right - in the hallowed halls of the V&A.



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The week I got new trainers

And it was momentous.

I can honestly say that all the designer treats I've had in my life have not bought me as much joy as the-neon-pink-nike-pieces-of-heaven.

I know, I know - I may be *slightly* exaggerating but I had totally forgotten how exciting it is to behold shiny rubber and leather having only bought white {obvs} Converse for the last god knows how many years.

I also had a lot of fun in Manchester at GF Smith Colour in Context - more to come on that in a later post and worked on some gorgeous client wedding designs.

But the icing on the cake of a super fun glitter filled week? MY WRAPPING PAPER IS GOING INTO SELFRIDGES.


I sold designs with though yellow-bag-holy-grail but it was as part of a collaboration so excuse me whilst I DANCE AND SING like a crazy person.

Have a super duper weekend xo

*excuse caps #sorrynotsorry

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Oooh Betty

Super excited to share that we have added the fabulous Betty Ed. the lovely Charlotte to our Paperfest line up.

Whoop-de-doop! xo

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Carry on Camping

After a crazy week should always be a crazy weekend.

Cue camping with the besties - my gorgeous school friends and my BFF - we have been friends since the first day at play group - all those years and still as thick as thieves.

Love xo

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