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Fabulous Fenwick of Bond Street

Posted by Abbey on Oct 8, 2014

Yesterday was great, the sun was shining and I was in London town for a day of meetings and visits at lots of pretty special places.

Top of my list was seeing my designs at Fenwick of Bond St. what a beautiful shop - and having spent half of my working week {when I had a proper job} just around the corner on Davies St. and having nipped into Fenwicks many times for presents, gifts and treats {as well as Selfridges - just around the corner on Oxford St. *pinch me*} it was so so lovely to see a bit of Abigail Warner in the store.

Here's to an equally perfect Wednesday {but with Mercury retrograde I may be being a tad optimistic} even with the kind of rain that would've made Noah ponder moving on xo

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