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The A Team

Posted by Abbey on May 5, 2015

Last week I spent a wonderful couple of days with key suppliers who totally make my business happen and in super-duper simplified terms it goes a little something like this...

James Cropper Paper Mill - who have a frankly mind blowing machine the size of a football pitch in the Lakes - Cropper's make all of the paper stocks I use - Cropper's, amongst lots of other activities - make papers exclusively for my wonderful paper merchants - GF Smith in Hull - who supply the paper I use to Century Studios in Nottingham who do my digital print and Foilco - who I use for my print finishing who have the most amazing space in Warrington that I could happily move into - thank you please.

It was epic. Beyond epic. It was really special. A huge shout out to Janet at GF Smith for making it happen.

I love that I know the faces of the people that make my product work and that I know what happens behind the scenes and that I can understand how each and every process adds to the end result.

But more importantly for me as an independent business owner - I understand my supply chain and know that every single product that comes out of my studio is 100% designed and manufactured in the UK ‪and I'm really, really proud of that.

If you want to work with the people who I consider to be part of my A Team (more about the other people that make it work in the future) - you can contact them below.

Janet at GF Smith /
Wayne at Century Studios /
Andrew at Foil Co./

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