9 days, 15 hours sans coffee

No big deal.

So this week so far has been long, and tough, for many reasons but a week (or even a half week) sans my mega-milky-coffee-fix is particularly testy.

Is it the weekend? xo


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Long days and late nights

It's been one of those weeks.

Deadlines and targets and lots of wine.

A gorgeous lunch at Hemsley and Hemsley (make sure you try the almond and green tea latte), lovely dinner at Granger and Co (try the shrimp burger) , meetings, work, more meetings, fabulous times with friends at the Hockley Arts Club (try the twister cocktail) and catching Laurence Fox at Bodega.

Is it Friday? yes - awesome.

*turns all alarms off.

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Sunny May

Oh May.

Bringer of sunshine, peonies and parties.

You are marvellous.

Super long studio days filled with gorgeous light and ending with a rosé in the garden are very bearable.

Big love


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