Hottest Day with Santa

Ohh what a festive week it has been
We have provided the personal essentials to fill Santa's goodie sack!
These cute little products will be exclusive to Selfridges this Christmas

And after spending time in the sweltering sunshine
- with the jolly man himself -
I was home bound to my favourite pooch -  ahhhh

Big love all xo

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Between the cake and the haggis

Après an indulgent weekend, its been looking like this in the studio

Breakfast al fresco and directing 'Mary Poppins' - singing with open windows while accompanied by birdies

All the while more 'Hopes, Dreams and Wishes' have been leaving in boxes

Happy weekend everyone xo

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First comes birthday, then comes July

Did someone say birthday?
Oh I do love a weekend packed with blooms, macaroons and prosecco,
& a fun time was had at the Henley Royal Regatta

Our first week of July and we sailed through with wedding vibes, dalmation spots and more 'be happy' scribblers!

Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine
Happy weekend!
Big love xo

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Campsite and Press Prep

This week started with some campsite adventures in the portable dwelling - ahhh

The days have flown between meetings and preparing for the years Christmas Press event!
And I thought summer had only started?!

Ohh hey, it's Friday... And my birthdayy!!
Eeep pass the pink stuff pleeease


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