Back to the Grind stone

All in a week's work;
I've said drank pinas, danced in the sand,
said goodbye to the golden life and hello to home comforts.

Of course, I have monochromed the life out of Seychelles
and brought home gorgeous memories to motivate through winter!

Bye Bye September, hello October xo

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The Seychelles life

I feel like I'm living the ship wrecked life - well, perhaps a tad more glamorous.

Seriously though,  Jack Sparrow -  I'm ready to set sail!

Everything about this place is just, woww!

Abs xo

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Smog to Island life

I don't think I am in a place to complain about this week's achievements..

Four days in our pink paper home in London city hosting for Paperfest chats at Topdrawer.

Followed by a twelve hour flight to Paradise with my partner in crime - yaaay!

Please excuse me, I have a pina with my name on it!

Big love xo

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Topdrawer Selection

With Paperfest around the corner, we have been lusting over gfsmith papers and colours.
And while we have been doing so, I have indulged in a dream of my own (involving pina coladas and palm trees)

Yes holiday is next week!
The increase of trainer activity accompanied by fuschias and peaches have got me travelling already.

Please feast your eyes on some of this months wedding stationary and notelets.

Big love all xo

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One is the loneliest number

That you'll ever do..

It's been a one man army in the studio this week
Lots of deadlines in prep for our launches in the smoggy town of London

Might I just add, as a slightly podgy 30 something with a palette for cheese and wine,
that my slight lifestyle alterations,
 replacing those with oats has got me feeling like a dainty feather?!

I'm pretty sure this fuel is sailing me through these deadlines (or so I like to think)

Happy weekend all! xo



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