All the glorious food

That time of year where you don't have to get up and go anywhere - ahhh.  Half a stone and all the cheeseboard later, I am now vouching only to drink water until 6pm.  Okay, perhaps with the exception of wine at 3pm - I mean it's liquid right?!  A xo


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Merry Christmas everyone!!

This week has been full of festivities, to kick start me for more festivities!  A perfect outing at the National Ballet, Somerset House and Balthazar with the fabulous team.

Now let the 'bulking up' commence..

Merry Christmas everyone!! xo

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Personalise me!

Busy setting the scene for Christmas antics, now there are no deadlines!  Our artisan made stockings are now all sold out in Selfridges (thanks for the love), but you can be quick to get your hands on our playful zip cases - any name available.

9 days and counting! xo


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I’m dreamin’ of a white Christmas..

So this week I've been a wee bit poorly, and decided to milk it for what it's worth by hiding under the Christmas tree.  I started waving the white flag once I realised I still had to get things done and work through it!  Of course once the sniffles died down and all that was left was hunger; I jumped at the chance to have tea at the Ritz (oh shock!).

Oh and Londoners - Do check out Claridge's Winter Wonderland, it's sooo perrdyyy!

A xo

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Countdown commence!

The mark of a special anniversary and spending time with my favourites.  Christmas has started, with my new favourite advent calendar and treats!  Who knew that styling could take such an effort?!

I'm a huge fan of Winter Wonderland but not after indulging on wine and nibbley treats (bleurgh)!

Remember have fun everyone! xo

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