All print everything

Becoming slightly obsessed with prints this week.  As a team, our favourite days are spent printing (by hand) before heading out to our local artisan to make up as cases, bags and banners.

It has been an exciting week with meeting new clients and enjoying breakfasts al fresco - already feels like Spring! xo

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Just Bespoke

The lovely Lisa Baker from Just Bespoke asked us to work with her existing branding - and translate the identity of her Wedding & Events brand onto a range of engaging luxury print.

We used a varied mix of processes including foiling, gilt edging, triplexing, soft touch lamination, drilling and embossing to create the look.

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Kim Balasubramaniam

One of our favourite recent projects was to work on the branding for Kim Balasubramaniam - we created the overall identity and designed a range of luxury stationery to compliment the new look that included foiling, blind emobossing and gilt edging.


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Sansom Photography

We worked on the business card print design for Sansom Photography using their existing branding we created business cards that reflect their creativity using a contrasting colour palette and using processes that include duplexing, foiling and gilt edging.

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Soho Home at Liberty

I visited the Soho Home collaboration with Liberty last week - what a lovely treat - I am a huge fan of both of the brands and love what has been created and the show space is perfection - perfectly capturing the essence of the Soho House brand - looking forward to returning when I have a little more time.

AW xo


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Deliciously Ella

I had a quick pitstop in-between meetings in London last week and popped by Deliciously Ella's Mae Deli on WeighHouse Street in Mayfair.

So so good - I had the Turmeric Latte, Fudge Cake and the Cinnamon Milk - each recipe is so packed full of flavours that you have no idea that there is no dairy and that all of the ingredients are super healthy.

I am a vegetarian so it ticks all of my boxes and I totally recommend.

A xo

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What a treat when snow has made a come back!  This week of love has consisted of reminiscing 10 years, to date, the day I handed in my notice with only a rough sketch of my future.  I am not a huge fan of the whole hustle, dream big, build an empire movement now - but I would say work hard, gain knowledge and experience, offer a great product and combine with amazing customer service and you will do great.

It's never too late xo

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Don’t worry, be happy!

Trying to burst through this cold weather with warm treats and prints! Roll on Spring when we can all float around in florals and sip through watermelons.

On a sub note, are there any other ladies here who mix perfectly good shades of lipsticks with others just to create a personal shade? Ummm happy weekend all! xo

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It started with Afternoon tea..

Saturdays are all about gossip, wine and lashings of sweet treats at whichever venue takes your fancy - this weekend it was The Kedleston - perfectttt!  Give me more relaxing bath times and cakes please - ahhhh.

This week we've been flying through our new invites and greetings range, available in a gold edge finish. Why don't you "Join us for dinner?" at John Lewis retail - see what I did there?

Happy Friday everyone xo

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