The Week Looked A Lot Like This

What a week!

Flying solo with a bunch of deadline isn't my idea of a great week - but it's nearly Friday #ivegotthis xo


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Be Mine?

Want to add the finishing touch to your Valentine surprise- check out our best selling personalised wrapping paper - available on our Not On The High Street shop xo

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Hello February!

January is always the longest month - right? you're still stuck in a strange limbo until at least the 10th, still saying Happy New Year until the 15th and waiting for pay day whilst you try and diet away the excess pounds gained from excessive piggy consumption - well that's my January anyway!

So welcoming February this week seemed like a fabulous breath of fresh air - we had lots of deadlines, lots of print work and lots of fun - we have one more week in the studio until we pop the out of office on for a week - talking of which - back to those emails.



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