Imogen Owen’s Modern Calligraphy

I was really excited to pop down to West Elm at Tottenham Court Road for the launch of my lovely friend - Imogen Owen's book Modern Calligraphy - it's absolutely beautifully written with wonderful photography and practical advice.

Imogen has been at the forefront of the calligraphy movement in the UK- and I was super pleased to have hosted her very first workshop at one of my pop up print making workshops over 3 years ago.



Pretty Pastel Style Launch

Last week was totally hectic but totally brilliant, and on Friday I got to play stall holder at Selina Lake's Pretty Pastel Style book launch and I loved it!

What a great idea for a book launch... and the book itself is so lovely, the content, the images, the advice and hints and tips, truly inspirational for any home.

Love xo


Little Book of Lettering

One of my favourite Christmas presents... Love...

Buy on Amazon...


New Modernist Type

Graphic Design guru Steven Heller explores contemporary typography in his new book New Modernist Type - co written with Gail Anderson.

Paying homage to historical graphic language, it's an informative sourcebook and a must-have for us typography lovers...

Buy directly from Thames and Hudson...and enjoy xx



Petite Pattern Books

Good morning and Happy Friday!

I have a little treat for you today whether you’re a graphic or textile designer or even a fanatic scrapbooker... there is a new series of pattern books from the brilliant folks at BNN in Japan.

Bigger, better and cheaper {what a great combo} than the previous book/disc issues, each one is inspiring, adaptable, and ever-so-usable royalty-free clipart. {if you ever use other designers work for commercial work make sure you treble check the terms and conditions of royalty free designs}

BNN’s previous series were based on historic Japanese patterns and textiles, but these come from more universal, worldwide sources, and can be used just about anywhere you can imagine.

The EPS and JPEG formats are Mac- and PC-friendly, and open in Illustrator and Photoshop.

An extensive English tutorial explains how to use the disc formats, including helpful hints on designing t-shirts, books, and original art.

You can get old and new copies of the series on Amazon xx


Print Making Porn

If, like moi, you are you always wanting to learn more about processes when it comes to print of the non digital variety then this little gem Printmaking: A Complete Guide to Materials and Processes by Bill Fick and Beth Grabowski {total experts} may be for you...

This is what they say...

This book is a practical and comprehensive guide to seven printmaking techniques and is an absolute must for both the novice and more experienced printmaker.

Featuring chapters on Relief, Intaglio, Collograph, Lithography, Screen Printing, Monoprint, and Mixed Media, each discipline is thoroughly explored from the development of the printing matrix, the practicalities of setting up the press and inks, through to the drawing of the print. Featuring clear step-by-step illustrations and photographs, as well as interviews with today's top, contemporary artists in the field - essentially this is the printmaker's bible!

Joint authors, Beth Grabowski and Bill Fick, have created a wonderful encyclopedia of knowledge, tips, advice and inspiration that is useful, informative, and pleasing to the eye. 

I whole heartedly agree.

I always judge a book by its cover.

Love xx


91 Magazine

The latest issue {4th ed} of 91 Magazine is now online and totally caught my eye as it has a bit of a stationery theme going down...with a feature looking at the effect the digital age has had on our beloved stationery industry, as well as a beautifully styled shoot.

Take a look see.

I just adore it, the fresh palettes, the branding, the chosen topics. Love xx

{Editors Note: 91 Magazine is published by Patchwork Harmony. Caroline Taylor is the editor & art director and works with a fantastic team of contributors. It features news, style tips, shopping ideas, interiors, features on craft and vintage style and proudly supports small businesses, designers and crafts people.}


Paper and Cloth

I just had to share this book with you, it was introduced to me back in April and iv been in love ever since.

It is a book dedicated too, and all about background patters which are featured in the book for you to view, as spreads and then a CD that you can download to use for print and design.


Get yours online at Amazon.


{Book Review} Just my Type

Ok, I am a little late to the party here, but nonetheless, what a party.

Andrew Garfield's Just my Type is as entertaining as this little guide is interesting as he takes the reader on a Whistlestop tour of fonts...

So do we really need another lesson in the world's growing obsession with fonts? My answer, having read this thorough this pocket guide of the printed word, is yes as this particular guide is a great balance between fact and a bit of cheeky humour.. from font revolutionaries to the money-motivated Johannes Gutenberg and the sexual libertarian Eric Gill, it's going to be really difficult to even look at a pot noodle in the same way again.

From the earliest handwriting-inspired printed letters to the birth of such big-hitters as Helvetica, Baskerville and Obama's campaign favourite Gotham, Just My Type is comprehensive enough to interest experts, with enough personal stories to hook the rest of us.

The "seismic shift" caused by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, after a college calligraphy course inspired him to install an unprecedented range of typefaces on the first Mac, is one such tale; another follows the Face designer Neville Brody and his typographical rule-breaking in the 1980s, designed to keep alive "a language of protest" and not forgetting our favourite Swedish stores controversial ditching of its elegant Futura for the wider, squatter Verdana in 2009. Which really is the main joy of the book: every trip outside your front door {and even inside your four walls} becomes an opportunity for assessing and appreciating letter design.

That typeface used for any movie branded "epic" (especially if it stars a semi-naked Russell Crowe)? That's Trajan. Jurassic Park and The Lion King share the same "tribal" Neuland Inline font and Cooper Black is what easyJet has in common with the Beach Boys. All of these fonts are condemned by Garfield, though none so much as the London 2012 Olympics font, which tops his {and most others} list of all-time worst offenders.

This book won't just turn readers into font-spotters; it also nudges them towards admiring the beauty of a single letter or a well-drawn ampersand {a collective sigh}.

Garfield's love and appreciation for good design, combined with his often lyrical and romantic prose, is infectious, and sometimes he writes as though the letters themselves were living things, which makes Just my Font both hugely entertaining as well as being informative.

I read this book in three days it is a total i-dont-want-to-put-down read, so what are you waiting for? As Lauren Laverne said 'Whether you're a graphics geek or have never given typeography a second thought, don't miss this quirky font fest.'


AML xx