Still In The Holiday Vibe

Mixing work and pleasure at the moment - back in the studio and working hard but still dreaming of sun and sea xo

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Island Hopping

A week that starts with Ascot and ends in the Indian Ocean has my vote! xo

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Deadlines & Afternoon Tea

Long days of meetings in London and fternoon Tea at the Ritz with two of my favourite ladies made for a perfect Monday - the rest of the week with seemingly endless deadlines, not so! xo

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Vitamin Sea

After a fabulous photoshoot to start the week and some crazy deadlines - we headed off to the sun for a long weekend to one of my favourite cities - Palma to celebrate a big birthday - what a great time we had - back to London on Monday for a great day of meetings and catch ups - finished with afternoon tea with my mum and aunt - a great start to the week! xo


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Bank Holiday Blues

Or more pinks - what a wonderful bank holiday - dinner with friends, picnics and bbq's with the family - then back into the studio to work on fun projects.

Fabulous early Summer days xo

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Flowers, Stationery and Adventures

What a week.

Full of adventures - starting with a jam packed client day in London - back to back meetings and beautiful sunshine - with a quick trip to #chelseainbloom. Back in the studio on Tuesday followed by an adventure at Chatsworth campsite in our camper in the evening - then an online conference and long studio days, a new tattoo and another long studio days and now the long weekend on the horizon.

Phew xo


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London Edition & Other Stories

What a wonderful week - the studio was buzzing with lots of lovely clients, there was lovely catch ups with friends and then onto London Town where checked into the London Edition for the weekend - bit of work and lots of play - you can see more on my Instagram. xo

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Sunny picnic and Bank Holidays

Ahh well the lovely weather is still with us - there maybe a few more clouds in the sky than we would like but hey ho sandals are still firmly on. What a gorgeous bank holiday weekend - makes working in the garden feel totally fine xo

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London Adventures

Long studio days and busy London days have been the order of the week - we had a lovely stay at Kettner's Townhouse - totally recommend if you love the mix of Soho and glam xo

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Summer Has Arrived!

So we skipped Spring and fast forward straight to Summer - well I am happy with that!

Funny thing is we are now knee deep in Christmas - on the hottest day of the year! xo

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Saturday Workshop

Fresh of the flight from Palma - we hosted a workshop in our studio - a private workshop for 2 entrepreneurs looking to take the plunge into full time creative happiness and a life of print design. We had a wonderful journey - followed by cake, lots of cake.


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The Easter Bunny & Other Things That Made Me Smile

I felt like I was drunk for 5, no - make that 6 days. Happy times with friends and family from Good Friday to Wobbly Wednesday (when the shenanigans were over and our last guests left - boo) Our Easter looked a little like this xo

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