{Type of your Life} Sans Serif Pretty

How much I adore this sans serif font is really hard to explain.

I {think} love it more than babybel.

Beautiful huh?

So what is a Sans Serif font? {Pronounced SAN-SERR-if}

This is an easy one {totally is what it says it is} this font family are typefaces that do not use Serifs {small lines at the ends of each character}.

The most commonly used Sans Serif fonts include Helvetica, Arial, Avant Garde and Geneva. {Serif fonts that you may use {unknowingly} include Times Roman, Courier, New Century Schoolbook, and Palatino.}

Sans Serif fonts are a little more difficult to read and interpret than the traditional Serif fonts so for this reason {amongst any others including design preference} they are used most often for short text layouts..like a headlines, title or caption {as illustrated beautifully for us in the picture shown}.

What's your favourite Sans Serif?

AML xx





(Just Lovely) Pretty Portobello Type

Happy Friday lovelies!

This weekend I am london town, working on Friday and geeking out at exhibitions and partying the rest of it, oh the life of a designer ain't all that bad huh?

So I thought I would share a little of what's to come next week...I snapped some examples of different type as I wandered down Portobello Road last week {the first one, the copperplate type is just as you turn onto Portobello} and the diversity was just incredible, here are just a few of my favourites {for very different reasons}...type really is everywhere.

Enjoy. AML xx


{Just Lovely} Melodies Graphiques


Here are the spoils that i picked up from Melodies Graphiques...

A beautiful embossed anchor bookmark

Laser cut name tags

A screen printed alphabet card

And {my heart literally skipped a beat} a gold gilted and embossed rose correspondence card from 1952.

I cannot describe my love for this little bit of parisian history.

Melodies Graphiques is some serious paper and print lovers shop. What are you waiting for?

AML xx


{Just Lovely} Paris Part Two Rue du Pont Louis Philippe

One of the highlights of my recent {and latest, oh yeah} trip to Paris was a trip to rue du Pont Louis Philippe, which is a tiny street that runs from the rue de Rivoli to the Seine, a distance of about 200 yards.

Because it is so tiny, and because it is located {quietly} between the very popular Marais and the equally inundated Ile St.-Louis, this street gets very little press, which is great for locally owned businesses that have been pushed out by international chains from the two other locations. And it is also great for visitors who want to explore a {little} bit off the beaten path, without going too far astray.

So what is so special about rue du Pont Louis Philippe? 

Well my dear lovely friend it is because its is totally packed with local artisans and designers..a fabulous variety of shops that feature high-quality, well-designed, locally made goods.

The first shop you’ll run into is Pierre Boisset, the perfect place to find a designer handbag made in France that costs just a fraction of the internationally known brands and is considerably more original. Farther along, at No. 16, is the C&P gallery, with a constantly changing collection of wearable art. Across the street, at No. 19, PCF Art et Societé was once the home of the neighborhood’s communist party but is now an art gallery with original works on paper.

As you continue along, there are a handful of jewelry stores selling very original pieces, some of them made from simple, affordable materials like wood, while other shops specialize in true jewels, with diamonds gracing their elegant displays.

But, as lovely as these other shops are, what I {and by proxy, mum} were seeking out were the stationery stores, the most uniquely French being Melodies Graphiques, at No. 10. With its tempting selection of sophisticated papers and quill pens, this Paris shop is a treasure trove of writing pleasures. Closely followed by Papier+ and then Calligrane.

I was in heaven. Parisian Paper Heaven.

More to come on Melodies Graphiques.

Back soon, AML xx


Type of Your Life {Lego Letterpress}

genius. absolute genius.

letterpress printing with Lego

I am soooo giving this a go.

AML xx


{Type of your Life} Sudtipos

So yesterday I was introduced to Sudtipos An Argentinian based font design and download site....

Go check it out if you love browsing fonts.

If you are looking for bespoke work, you can contact the talented team directly here. 

Happy Tuesday, AML xx


{Book Review} Just my Type

Ok, I am a little late to the party here, but nonetheless, what a party.

Andrew Garfield's Just my Type is as entertaining as this little guide is interesting as he takes the reader on a Whistlestop tour of fonts...

So do we really need another lesson in the world's growing obsession with fonts? My answer, having read this thorough this pocket guide of the printed word, is yes as this particular guide is a great balance between fact and a bit of cheeky humour.. from font revolutionaries to the money-motivated Johannes Gutenberg and the sexual libertarian Eric Gill, it's going to be really difficult to even look at a pot noodle in the same way again.

From the earliest handwriting-inspired printed letters to the birth of such big-hitters as Helvetica, Baskerville and Obama's campaign favourite Gotham, Just My Type is comprehensive enough to interest experts, with enough personal stories to hook the rest of us.

The "seismic shift" caused by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, after a college calligraphy course inspired him to install an unprecedented range of typefaces on the first Mac, is one such tale; another follows the Face designer Neville Brody and his typographical rule-breaking in the 1980s, designed to keep alive "a language of protest" and not forgetting our favourite Swedish stores controversial ditching of its elegant Futura for the wider, squatter Verdana in 2009. Which really is the main joy of the book: every trip outside your front door {and even inside your four walls} becomes an opportunity for assessing and appreciating letter design.

That typeface used for any movie branded "epic" (especially if it stars a semi-naked Russell Crowe)? That's Trajan. Jurassic Park and The Lion King share the same "tribal" Neuland Inline font and Cooper Black is what easyJet has in common with the Beach Boys. All of these fonts are condemned by Garfield, though none so much as the London 2012 Olympics font, which tops his {and most others} list of all-time worst offenders.

This book won't just turn readers into font-spotters; it also nudges them towards admiring the beauty of a single letter or a well-drawn ampersand {a collective sigh}.

Garfield's love and appreciation for good design, combined with his often lyrical and romantic prose, is infectious, and sometimes he writes as though the letters themselves were living things, which makes Just my Font both hugely entertaining as well as being informative.

I read this book in three days it is a total i-dont-want-to-put-down read, so what are you waiting for? As Lauren Laverne said 'Whether you're a graphics geek or have never given typeography a second thought, don't miss this quirky font fest.'


AML xx


{Type of your Life} Louise Fili

Wow, wow, wow.

I stumbled over Louise doing some research over Christmas and just had to share.

How gorgeous? This website is the stuff that my dreams are made of.

So welcome and hello to Louise Fili.

In her own words...

So pretty impressive? I think so.

What I love so much about this website is the Before and After section featuring gems like this..

With a lovely explanation of design decisions, what was important and not so.

And the client list, I Swoon.

My absolute favourite...


I chose Tiffany for my engagement and wedding rings so will always have a huge soft spot for this legendary, what dreams are made of, brand.

You can check out Louise's blog here and her beautiful book here.

Happy Days

AML xx


{ Type of your Life } Jessica Hische

Good morning.

This a mini blog post today, a blog-let if you will, as I really want {need} to do a proper GROWN UP interview with Jessica, but couldn't have you paper hungry punters go another day without knowing about this lady and her gorgeous designs.

My super wonderful boy-f  bought two of Jessica's designs from the Daily drop cap project for me back in March and thats when my love affair began. We had them mounted at a local picture frames in dark wood frames and they sit in my studio...have a look and see what you think...I LOVE.

Jessica, as well as being a wonderful illustrator / typographer/ all round wonder woman also runs a trés interesting blog, full of snippets, like her recent article on inspiration and imitation {a subject very dear to my little ol' heart as I had my entire business, brand and designs ripped by an over zealous former sugalily employee this year} but enough of  my going on, you can read the full article here .

There is so much more to say about this little lady but it can wait, for now just go check out Jessica's shop.

Design. Paper. Textiles. Pretty. Lovely.


{ Type of your life} Not just any old rubbish

Ok, so I told you yesterday, that this weeks posts will be brief, as tomorrow is literally one of the biggest days. of. my. life {work wise that is} but, alas I cannot let you down completely...so feast your eyes on this little baby.

It may not be the finest example of typography, but I admit to being a little taken by it..the 3 may be a couple of points larger than the 4, the dimensions be a little shaky, but none-the-less...this was on a bin, a bin? yes! a black wheelie bin.


Design. Paper. Textiles. Pretty. Lovely.






{Type of your Life} Just my Type


I am going to be adding book reviews to the blog {soon} and first up is this little devil...Just my Type by Simon Garfield which I am just about to get stuck into...


Design. Paper. Textiles. Pretty. Lovely.



{ Type of your Life } My Top Five {Presents} Prints

Panic ye not.

Christmas may be only 26 days away, you may not have bought a SINGLE present, sorted out who is hosting what OR thought about the menu BUT I am here to help, like a little design led present fairy, over the coming weeks I will be sharing my favourite finds with you that will be so perfect for your loved ones they will forgive you for burning the Turkey/ Chicken/ Nut Roast {delete as appropriate}.

First up my top five typography print feast...

Nice to see you by Pearl and Earl 

Just my Type by Cutture and More than Word Art

We Love Brighton by The Wooden Truth

Love is all you Need by Print for Love of Wood

Franklin Gothic Type by Blush


Design. Paper. Textiles. Pretty. Lovely.